Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bargain Makeover.

Remember this little purchase for $5 at the Flinders Market?

For a grand total of $39 (including the original $5 price tag), I've made it look like new!

Lots of sanding and filling, about 5 coats of gloss enamel (1 and 1/2 spray cans), some new hardware and half a roll of flocked wrapping paper and it now resides in my Son's bedroom.

The next little 'furniture rejuvenation' project I'll undertake will be the 2 stained and varnished book cases in the family room. The baltic colour just doesn't cut it anymore, and will be sanding them back, spraying on some Zinsser BIN Primer and following with several coats of acrylic satin (I don't want my shelves turning yellow over time if I use enamel...). I love the look of white shelves, and can't wait to start! It will give me more time to think about the buttoned ottoman which is next on the list.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Nothing beats fresh flowers for instant colour, bringing with it a lovely homely feel! These were a present from a girlfriend to the house who was visiting for the first time. They were all buds last week, but have opened up beautifully and lasted really well!

Not too much has been happening apart from signing a quote for 17 white plantation shutters. A proper check measure will be happening at some stage shortly, then a 6-8 week wait for installation. Looks like I'll be living with paper redi-shades for just a while longer!

I opened another box today and Hubby put up our wedding photos in the dining room ( which still doesn't really look like a dining room as we don't have a table or chairs yet!). Sorry, faces blanked out for privacy reasons...

I wanted the frames to be in the middle of the wall, and they don't quite suit with this sized table, but chances are, once we get our dining suite the table won't stay but be moved somewhere else. But at least the wall doesn't look so blank anymore!

I've been shopping recently, too. I had to order 2 double door matts in a Fleur de lys design, so I picked those up last week. One for the deck and the other for the front door...although I need to wait until the front fence and driveway are done before it will be on show. I also found the most gorgeous silver armillary sphere/globe, but might have to wait until I have sold another butterfly specimen case before I go and treat myself to it. I happened to spot another for a third the price, but it was an iron colour, and the silver would look soo much nicer...(damn that expensive taste!)

My bargains for the week included 3 T-towels for $12 at Bed Bath N' Table:

...and another sheet of wrapping paper I plan on cutting up and framing for the lounge room wall beside the large window:

I'm unsure yet as to have one or two frames beside each window, and whether or not to divide the paper so I have 4 small pictures per frame. Yet another thing to think about that will have to wait until I have the plantations in! The blue in the paper will add nicely to the other blue touches in the room, including my blue ottoman still in the planning stages!

Last, but not least, I have been slowly 'renovating' this bedside table I picked up a couple of years ago for $5 at the Flinders market:

The old paint on it was shocking, and looked as though it had been mixed with sand it was so rough. Lots of sanding, plugging the holes from the old knobs and several coats of paint (white enamel from a spray can!), it's looking sooo much better! I should have it finished on Monday and in it's new home.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Not another Eiffel Tower....

I had been looking for another paperweight to add to my other 2, and couldn't resist one I found in Bed Bath 'N Table today. Naturally, it's an Eiffel Tower!

My other 2 bird paperweights:

Love them! Although tricky to photograph being a dome of glass which reflects the flash no matter what angle.

So......how much is too much? When does a collection become an obsession?

Not to forget my wrapping paper picture in the hall:

There's a bit of a joke in the family, that new guests have to find the room that doesn't have an Eiffel Tower in it...not hard to do, as most are grouped together in the family room (although not like the table for the photo!). Also surprising to note that approximately 30% has been given to me! Perhaps my family suspected my obsession before I even had one! Hehe...

My Daughter is well on her way to catching up with me too...sad huh? ;-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Deck is Complete!

After 6 weekends of some serious hard labour, lots of sweat and thankfully no blood or tears, the deck is complete! We ran into a few little issues we had to try and solve, and putting in the last 3cm board next to the house was a challenge, but we got there in the end! We now need to wait another couple of weeks for the wood to weather before we clean and stain it...although I'm not sure how much 'weathering' it will get under the roof line!

The further along into the project we got, the worse (bowed) the boards became and the harder it was to get them straight and onto the deck ties...but we got there in the end. I'm now on the search for a nice double door mat and a couch and coffee table.

So, what's next on the 'to do list'?

I have had a quote for 17 white plantation shutters for most of the windows, but I am yet to organise a proper check measure (Easter got in the way!), and I am about to paint a 3 drawer bedside table I picked up for $5 from the Flinders Market 2 years ago for my Son's bedroom. I am looking for the perfect drawer pulls to use as handles, but am not having much luck finding them. I don't want gold nor shiny silver, but a matt blackish colour, and cannot locate anything suitable. If you can suggest anywhere please let me know!

I am also going to paint a couple of old stained baltic pine book cases in white. Holly from Life In The Fun Lane has inspired me completely! I also have a 2 drawer bedside table given to me which I will do 'something' with eventually, but I don't think they will look as amazing as Holly's pieces.

I am also going to 'attempt' to make a buttoned ottoman to use as a coffee table in the lounge room. I have been doing some online research and don't think it should be too hard (well, no harder than completely DIYing a deck...). I have seen some people create them out of coffee tables by adding foam and quilters wadding to the table, but I might start from scratch with a pine frame, MDF top and bought furniture legs. I have located an upholsterers in Melbourne where I can acquire some supplies, but I just have to find the perfect powder blue velvet (my lounge room accent colour) to use as the top.

I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Butterfly Frames.

I've decided to specifically dedicate a post to my butterfly frames. It will be updated as new ones are created!

Taupe and gold butterflies in a black frame with white self patterened background:

Black and white music butterflies in a black frame with metalic white background:

Pink and green butterflies in a white frame and green background:

Green and blue butterflies in a white frame with a white background:

Green butterflies in a white frame on a white background:

Aqua and blue butterflies in a white frame on a white background:

Purple butterflies in a white frame on a white background:

Pink butterflies in a white frame on a white background:

Red butterflies in a white frame on a white background:

Old atlas butterflies in a brown frame on a white background (brown frame no longer available):

Twenty pastel butterflies in a white frame on a white background:

Red butterflies in a smaller black frame with music background: