Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beauty of Glass.

I decided to do a 'head count' of my apothecary jars (since buying another for a bargain at Target during a sale!), and was surprised to see I have 7. Is that too many? Definitely NOT! I actually have my eye on another smaller one that's in Provincial Home Living for $20...I'm tempted, but I might have to wait until some of my butterfly frames have sold :-)

So, here they all are!

I've been 'collecting' them for about 3 years. From left to right, this is where I purchased them from: Target, Provincial Home Living, Freedom, Target, Freedom, Bed Bath N Table, Target.

This is what I have in them currently, but I do swap them around from time to time, especially at Christmas! Lemons, corks (not all mine...I promise!), paper mache and ceramic decor balls, a DIY nest, lemongrass soap, small birds eggs, and rolled up vintage sheet music.

So which is my favourite? I honestly can't decide, but I love the look of the vintage sheet music in this one:

How many do you have, and what have you got in them?