Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoot Hoot.

A quick post on a few little things I've been working on.

I was asked to create an owl picture for the shop where I sell my butterflies, so this is what I have come up with:

If it sells and I decide to create another, I might add 'feet' as it looks a bit empty on the bottom, and I may add jewels for the eyes too. I'll see how this one goes, anyway!

I also made a few more vintage music gift tags, but added black and white stitched gross grain ribbon instead of the string. We'll see how these go too! Easy peasy and relatively inexpensive to do.

I'm well and truly stocked up on vintage sheet music now, thanks to another quick trip to the Op Shop! I also scored myself a rattan trunk for $17 which, after little TLC, should look great! It's just a tad 'orange', but for the price, I couldn't resist it!

Not a good match for my French Grey trunk, but for the price it had to be mine!

So....Remove the leather straps (will rivet them back on after), spray paint it with Zinsser BIN Primer, and then perhaps the same satin acrylic as the desk and shelf. Ideally, I'd love it to be the same as my other one, but I couldn't physically scrape off all the existing stain and varnish, so paint it will have to be.

What will I use it for? Perhaps to hide some of my crafty stuff which seems to be stacked next to the table, or even a dirty clothes hamper at the top of the stairs for the kids. Not sure yet, and I'll wait and see how it 'turns out' after I've painted it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Seeing Double....almost.

Every so often, in the last year, I have driven past a little dead end street with a new house construction. Being a dead end, I hadn't actually driven past the house, but admired from a short distance. I had assumed it was a Porter Davis house, but when the 'For Auction' sign went up not long after construction was finished, curiosity got the better of me and I looked up the house on the internet.

The staircase was a dead giveaway, and I knew I was looking at the updated version of my house! This floorplan (although not available online) is only slightly different, even though all the rooms are in the same place. The biggest change is in the Master Bedroom, Ensuite and WIR, and there are a few subtle changes in the kitchen/meals.

Quite amazing to see similar colours too...and the same urn I used to have sitting on my entrance hall table!

All images courtesy

I only wished I had thought to look online sooner, gone through the house and hid in the background at the auction! It has sold, but no idea if it went over it's suggested price range of $1.74M - $1.88M.