Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stormy's Castle Now on Facebook.

Hi Everyone,

I have created my own Facebook page with all of my butterfly frames and crafty things in the one place. I will still be updating the blog, but thought it was easier to have all the photos of my frames and art/craft in the one place where it is easier to find. Any queries for custom made orders are welcome.

So feel free to join me and 'like' my page :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blue and White.

Such a beautiful classic colour combination which I have wanted to create a butterfly artwork in, but always found it difficult finding the right paper. By chance, I came across a small pad of scrapbooking paper at Spotlight, which was perfect! The right colours and the right geometrical patterns.

It looks great in my lounge room next to my new (second hand) Ginger Jar and blue jug - both from the Waverley Antiques Bizzare....I so love that place!! But I'm actually going to be giving this one to the shop to see if it will sell, with the intent on making some more.

Next on the to-do list, is a travelling style made from a French book I found in the Flinders Op Shop, and perhaps another Mills and Boon one, as I have sold the other.

...I just need to find some time.