Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stormy's Castle Now on Facebook.

Hi Everyone,

I have created my own Facebook page with all of my butterfly frames and crafty things in the one place. I will still be updating the blog, but thought it was easier to have all the photos of my frames and art/craft in the one place where it is easier to find. Any queries for custom made orders are welcome.

So feel free to join me and 'like' my page :)


Mrs B said...

Oh Stormy...I am terrible at using Facebook, I really still cant use it properly. Please keep your blog updated with all the beautiful butterfly works.

Mrs B xxx

Lorraine said...

What happened to the love button on Facebook Stormy, I've just had a look, amazing work.


In The Night Sky said...

I'll head on over and 'Like' you :) I just tried leaving 2 comments on another of your posts but I'm not sure they worked - just delete one if they did!

B is building a house said...

Congrats Stormy. So glad to see your business is doing so well <3