Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Trio of Tutus.

I originally created 3 canvases for my Daughter (first ones I ever made...), but I was never entirely happy with them and had planned to re-do them. For a start, the actual canvases were really cheap...and looked it! The corners were terrible and the finish on them was pretty rough. What I had painted on them was pretty 'rough' too, and a bit wishy washy in colour! So for a few hours over a couple of days I set about creating another 'brighter' set!

Much better!

My painting skills 'between the lines' leaves a lot to be desired, so the body of the tutus were replaced with paper! Much easier for me to cut and paste than draw!!

I've also finished another canvas I created for a friend, after she saw the red bird one I did and wanted one in blues and oranges. Hunting down the right sort of paper for the bird was a little challenging, but once I found it the rest of the colours were easy.

I hope she likes it!!

I have plenty more things in the pipeline and some very busy days ahead to get them all finished! No deadlines as such, but it's nice to get little projects finished so I can move on to the next major buttoned ottoman!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, on The Wall...

Finally we have a full length mirror in the WIR, courtesy of IKEA.

Whilst leisurely wandering around IKEA last week (Husband and Children free), I noticed the 'Utsira' mirror up on display in their wardrobe section. I instantly fell in love with it, and the $29.99 price tag!

I had to make a return visit to buy it as I already had a large 70x100 Ribba frame (for my London Underground picture), 2 Branas baskets for the Expidit shelves in the kids play room, and a jug. I didn't want to risk breaking the mirror and attempt to carry all that to the car by myself (which is a nightmare if you've been to IKEA in Richmond), so back we went last weekend to pick it well as a few other bits and pieces.

It's not on display, but hidden in a small alcove in the WIR, so nothing too 'fancy' was needed, just practical. An added bonus of having a lovely butterfly and plant design on the glass. My expensive pretty mirror is in the entrance!

Now I have to find a wall light to replace the fitting above. I can't wait to have my plantation shutters installed either...I'm getting so sick of the Redi-shades, and most of the time they stay down as they take so long to fold up in the morning.

Another thing to cross of the to-do list, only hundreds more to go! I'll be going back to IKEA shortly to get the Nickel Barometer desk lamp and a white Lack floating shelf for the study nook in the family room. Another job for me is painting my old pine desk white and changing the handles. Shouldn't be too hard after the success of the bedside table a few weeks ago!

Stay tuned for more updates shortly!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Congratulations A-M!

So, here I am sitting at my desk eating my Mother's Day chocolates and pouring over the pages of the June Home Beautiful magazine.

A-M, from 'The House That A-M Built' is featured (and on the front cover!). Her home is stunningly gorgeous, and I hope she is proud of all she has achieved. Well done A-M!

If you are not familiar with her blog, please take the time to read through the posts and admire her divine decorating skills, and have a flick through the pages of the latest Home Beautiful magazine.

I'm in awe...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Moving away slightly from my love of all things French, I'll also reveal that I have a passion for British things as well. Although you may have guessed with my London Bus Blind and a few Laura Ashley furnishings around the house! Adding to the London transport theme on the walls in the Family Room, will eventually be a map of the London Underground...yep, a framed sheet of $7 wrapping paper! I still need to make the trip to IKEA to pick up the frame (among other things), but have been tied up this week.

To add to my Son's new set of refurbished drawers in his bedroom, and continuing the blue, white and red theme, there will finally be something on the wall! The Union jack is such a beautiful flag (God forbid should they ever remove it from our flag...), and I couldn't resist this version of the 1939 propaganda poster (which was never used) 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. This poster will have cost me less than $15, delivered, from the UK!

Very appropriate for a little monkey dressed in a boy's suit!!

Hidden among the Eiffel Towers', you may also find the odd red double-decker bus, a red telephone booth, or a London taxi!