Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Life, as it seems, has come between me and my blog...again!

I'm actually home this week, sick, and instead of running around catching up on all the housework I perhaps should be doing, I'm taking some time out and resting instead. I'm actually too dizzy to be running around anyway, so taking things quietly has been good.
Today, I plan on making some more vintage style gift tags and cutting out some butterflies for a couple of orders I have. The washing, vacuuming, cleaning out the fridge and tidying can wait!

This is a limited edition French Travelling Butterflies I made out of a French book I found in an Op Shop. The book is small, hence the 'limited', I may stumble upon some more, but this is all I have at this stage. I actually finished it for Bastille Day...but didn't find the time to process the photos or update the blog...until now.

I'm also itching to go and visit the new Mondo Cherry shop, which has opened up about 10 minutes away... 2 weeks ago, and I just haven't been able to. School discos and sleepover parties have prevented me from going on the last 2 Fridays. I just love their use of colour, and I can't wait to see their artwork mixed in with other lovely goodies!

Don't forget you can come and visit me on Facebook, where I find it so much easier to update. I'm still getting used to the new blogger interface...