Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Trio of Tutus.

I originally created 3 canvases for my Daughter (first ones I ever made...), but I was never entirely happy with them and had planned to re-do them. For a start, the actual canvases were really cheap...and looked it! The corners were terrible and the finish on them was pretty rough. What I had painted on them was pretty 'rough' too, and a bit wishy washy in colour! So for a few hours over a couple of days I set about creating another 'brighter' set!

Much better!

My painting skills 'between the lines' leaves a lot to be desired, so the body of the tutus were replaced with paper! Much easier for me to cut and paste than draw!!

I've also finished another canvas I created for a friend, after she saw the red bird one I did and wanted one in blues and oranges. Hunting down the right sort of paper for the bird was a little challenging, but once I found it the rest of the colours were easy.

I hope she likes it!!

I have plenty more things in the pipeline and some very busy days ahead to get them all finished! No deadlines as such, but it's nice to get little projects finished so I can move on to the next major buttoned ottoman!


kexkez said...

They look lovely and I relaly liked the bird picture you've doen for your friend. Iw as thinking of you today. I some how ot other went into a shop to lok for a nice necklace today and came out qith quite a bit less $ having bought a beautiful long length blouse /shirt thing... BUT they had these big eiffel tower erasers in the shop. I thought they were white stones with the print on them at first. I immediately thought of you. The lady who owns the shop said anything french is very in atm especially thing with the eiffel tower on it. I had noticed a lot of lovelies in our local chemist. I will pm you a link on h1 as I took a picture of them. Let me know if you want one.

A-M said...

I can truly see a 'Stormy's Etsy shop' on the horizon. You are soooo talented. Love your work! A-M xx

kexkez said...

They are certainly worthy of Etsy aren't they A-M.

( still feeling mortified by all her typos in the earlier post)

Annie@A View On Design said...

yeah do an etsy shop!! you did the butterfly works too didn't you?? I'm sure it was you, I was in a shop in daylesford today, and they had works like your butterfly one, quite a small one, maybe 10cm x 20cm - $75!! Not near as nice as yours!

stormygirl said...

Thank you lovely Ladies!

I have thought about an Etsy Shop, but that's about as far as I got! I do have 4 pieces sitting in a shop on the Mornington Peninsula (and have sold 1), but being the quiet season they are 'sitting'. Fingers crossed for the long weekend!

Annie, yes I do butterflies! I also have seen several different ones around for that price too, most of which are made with a craft punch. Mine are a little more labour intensive and all hand cut with scissors, making them a little more individual!

Kexkez, don't stress about the typos!

Julie-Ann said...

All 4 look stunning:) The fabrics for the bird canvas is gorgeous. Well done.

stormygirl said...

Thank you Julie-Anne! It's actually paper stuck on the canvas, not fabric, although I have used fabric before for a mirror I made about 9 years ago! It worked really well too...and still looks good!