Monday, May 16, 2011

Seeing Double....almost.

Every so often, in the last year, I have driven past a little dead end street with a new house construction. Being a dead end, I hadn't actually driven past the house, but admired from a short distance. I had assumed it was a Porter Davis house, but when the 'For Auction' sign went up not long after construction was finished, curiosity got the better of me and I looked up the house on the internet.

The staircase was a dead giveaway, and I knew I was looking at the updated version of my house! This floorplan (although not available online) is only slightly different, even though all the rooms are in the same place. The biggest change is in the Master Bedroom, Ensuite and WIR, and there are a few subtle changes in the kitchen/meals.

Quite amazing to see similar colours too...and the same urn I used to have sitting on my entrance hall table!

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I only wished I had thought to look online sooner, gone through the house and hid in the background at the auction! It has sold, but no idea if it went over it's suggested price range of $1.74M - $1.88M.


Kek said...

It's gorgeous, Stormy - but it's a bit too perfect and lacks character. I'm guessing it's been "styled" for the sale, and that most of the furniture is rented.

Your house is much more welcoming and real (even if it's a work in progress).

stormygirl said...

I agree, Kek, too perfectly styled and lacks personality. According to the Estate Agents write-up: "Designed and built with a great deal of care and attention to detail to provide a lifestyle home affording the utmost in luxury living in the heart of *******. Professionally decorated with outstanding flair and emphasis on quality, utilizing the very best of finishes and fittings." I would have loved to have seen if the 'quality' came with the same hideous visible plaster joins in all the ceilings as mine does. LOL! Same general area, possibly same SS and tradies as my house.

Yes, my house is real with Leggo strewn from one end to the next...!

kexkez said...

Agreed. Pretty house. Looks like a display house not somewhere ever lived in and real. do love those little twirls in the ironwork on the stairs.

oo so you have plaster joins that a are visible too. We had the nightmare of the guys returning, sanding back the ceiling twice and redoing but it's back as bad as before. The only solution that "might" have fixed it was to have the ceiling pulled down and replaced. We couldn't face it. Still we got nearly a houseful of lights as compensation. Though in our case it's far worse now than it was originally. and after the repairs.