Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love Butterflies.

Just a quick post today with another 'Travelling Butterflies'. This time, I cut them out of a 1956 Mills and Boon purchased from the Op Shop for 50c. I love a bargain!!

It hasn't made it into the shop, yet, but hopefully it will sell shortly.

Lots of plans in the pipeline to make some more....just have to find some of that precious time to do it in. Between 2 jobs and looking after 2 kids and a house, there isn't much of it left. A fair bit of my spare time is taken up with constructing displays for one of my jobs, attempting to relax in front of  'The Block', and catching up on washing/folding/cleaning. Oh, and getting my head around the new blog interface...the old version was so much more user friendly. Guess I'll get used to it ;)

 Chat soon!