Sunday, January 20, 2008

No news...yet!

Nothing on the job front as yet, and our 3 months with Henley have expired, so it was off to the Narre Warren Sales Office today to decide what to do! They still have our deposit, and we decided it would be best for them to hold on to it and keep our file 'in the system' and go from where we left off once there was regular income in our household! At this stage, the base price of the house has not risen, and we are still locked into this same price for 6 months after, if the price does infact increase. That is great news!!

Through all the early planning stages, the many questions, emails and phone calls, Henley have been fantastic. Our Sales Consultant and the Financial Advisor at Waterstone have both been wonderful and honest with all our many questions, and I cannot praise them enough! Lets hope the smooth journey with Henley continues, once we are over the small hiccup of no job/income!!

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