Thursday, September 10, 2009

News Flash...WE HAVE THE KEYS!!!

Not much else to say, really!

It's been a very busy day, and I'm exhausted, but we have the keys and the house is finally ours!!!

Many thanks to our Waterstone Financial person, who pulled a few strings and got the bank moving to release the funds. And many thanks to our lovely CSA at Henley who we met today after 7 months of talking on the phone almost every week. I hope they both like their boxes of chocolates...I ran out of time to get some flowers too, as it was all a bit of a rush once the money came through!

I'll attempt to update a little more tomorrow, and should have some photos of the redi shades!

I hope you'll still continue to follow my journey as it's really only just the beginning. There is so much to do to turn it into our little home!


John,Tarin and The Kids said...

WOW WOW WOW Congrats! We are so happy for you guys. It has been one long journey, and we have been through our home builds together.
We must keep updating our blogs and make sure we keep in touch!
John & Tarin.

Petal said...

HUGE congratulations to the whole stormy family - so thrilled for you all, and well done on surviving th build , etc!!!! :-)

You are SO right - you think moving in is the's just the beginning - lol !!!

Can't wait to see your creative talent unleashed on your place as you turn it into a stunning family home - ENJOY!!! :-) XX

bill said...


Annie said...

wow did you get towels!!!

A-M said...

wonderful news, just wonderful... it all begins again now!.... keep blogging, keep blogging! A-M xx

Ismail Mogal said...

Big Congratulation, finally, great news Stormy

So must quite excited to move in.

Good luck with rest of the things.
Still waiting for contract.


Jo said...

Fantastic!!! What a rollercoaster ride for you lately. Enjoy your new home and all the upcoming decorating/purchasing!

Looking forward to all the future pics and updates!

Toni said...

Congratulations to you and your family on your new house. It's going to be a beautiful warm home for you all to live in.

You must be so excited to have those keys in your hands. Hope you enjoy the next few days as the reality of it all sinks in.

Have fun moving in all those lovely purchases!

Houman Tarash said...

Hi B, Great news, now the work for you has started, enjoy your new house, and keep us posted.