Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anyone care to powder their nose?

I am almost fully operational in the PC department again, which is great news! It's wonderful to be able to catch up on everyone's blogs as 4 weeks is a long time without them! I am also happy to be able to download the photos from my camera onto my own PC and upload them again with a fast ADSL connection! I actually didn't take too many over the past 4 weeks, as I was just too busy moving, unpacking and getting a little organised.

There is really only 1 room at this stage that is 98% complete, and that is the powder room. I'd still like to put a picture up on one of the walls, but that can wait! I always wanted to create a nice feel in the powder room, which flowed from the rest of the house. I know it's only a toilet and basin, but being the guests main toilet, I wanted it to look good!

I'm still deciding what to put in the glass apothecary jar, but I am thinking some small white soaps. I haven't found the perfect ones the right price. I love the 'MOR' soaps wrapped in gorgeous papers and ribbons with a wax seal on them, but this particular jar is too small for them. I have a larger one in the ensuite where they might go! I just have to start collecting them:

A closer look at the orchid which I assembled myself. There are many available to buy in the shops, but I wanted something that was an original, and what better place to put one than a French cast iron urn!

One of my purchases specially with the powder room in mind:

...and one I couldn't resist yesterday:

I'm not sure how long the powder room will stay like this for, as I may move a few things around. That's the great part about decorating, finding the perfect spot for things!


kexkez said...

It looks absolutely lovely. I like how well the embroidery on the hand towel goes with your wall colour. What colour did you paint the walls in here?

stormygirl said...

Thanks Kexkez! The wall colour is the same throughout the whole house. It's 'Nomadic Ivory' by Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Very posh - you might have to ask the guests to hold 'cause it looks too nice to pee in!

A-M said...

I can't believe you're in and decorating... how wonderful. Your powder roon is serene.
A-M xx

Toni said...

Powder Room looks lovely Stormy. Just how I imagined it to look, well done on the orchid, looks great.

I have the same apothecary jar, mine is filled with Jelly Beans at the moment :)

I think a picture/photo on the wall would look great. Makes a huge difference to the feel of the room. I had four cheap London prints which I picked up for 2 pounds, removed the mat around it and framed it in a four photo frame. I love it. Love my powder room.......

Congrats on getting your Net up and running too.

K&A said...

Have finally found 5 seconds to register and Login! It has been so much fun watching your home progress - how exciting.

We too are building the Wilshire (483)in Melb's east. The slab was poured today.

I look forward to seeing your home grow more beautiful each day - you are doing a lovely job!

stormygirl said...

Thankyou all for your lovely comments!

Welcome K&A! I haven't met another Wilshire builder, so it's great you could stop by! I'd love to know more about your build; facade, colours, floorplan changes and who your SS is! Feel free to email me directly (see profile), as I prefer not to name individual names here ;). Best wishes for a smooth build and enjoy your slab!!!

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

picks her mouth off the floor...
Gal you have done a spectacular job with the place :) its absolutely beautiful

the browns