Monday, March 1, 2010

Outside Happenings.

What a busy weekend! While I was off on a little jaunt to Sydney to catch George Michael in concert (what a show, what an artist and I get to see him again on Wednesday!), Hubby was busy beginning construction on the deck.

The deck is just on top of the concrete slab in the alfresco. We had, at one stage, thought about extending it out at the sides to catch some sun, but then thought it would take up too much room, and we don't have much to spare out the back unfortunately!

It's looking as though it may be a wet weekend coming up, so I'm not sure if it will be finished. I guess it depends on how much he wants to do after work during the week! There's a few hours of sunshine left in the day at that stage...

On another note, I have created another 2 butterfly pictures, which are now in a shop in Flinders ready for someone to buy!


southies said...

What a clever DH, Stormy. It's not finished, yet it's looking good already!!!
And 'way to go' Stormy - your creativity is providing you with pocket money for your new house. Clever girl!!!

Annie@A View On Design said...

you have a shop in flinders - you didn't tell me about that - I must visit... where???

stormygirl said...

Thank you Southies! Yes, he is clever, and we can't wait until it's finished! Although with the prospects of rain over the weekend, it might take a little longer. Hehe...the pocket money isn't much at all, but I guess it is something!

Annie, not my shop, just a gorgeous little antique and gift shop who also specialise in furniture restoration. Well worth a day trip!!

A-M said...

You and your hubby... so many talents! My kingdom for a hubby who could build a deck!!!! Love your gorgeous butterflies too... so talented. Thanks for your comment over at my place... great to know that I have some kindred spirit Mums out there. I couldn't agree more about the no media, go and play philosophy. A-M xx