Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Been A Busy Week....

After going through a few emails on Monday after our tender signing, I had the sudden realisation that there were no extra heating vents in the Bathroom or Ensuite. We had discussed this with our Sales Consultant, and I had written an email outlining this and a few other additions a while ago when he was preparing our revised quote. I sent the email off to our Admin (who has since changed) outlining the mistake in the hope we could get it rectified.

We were bombarded with so much info at the tender signing, and I did have a list of things to 'check'...but this, unfortunately, also seemed to miss this list. I had rather a sleepless night on Monday thinking it was going to cost us a 'Post Contract Variation' (read $500). My PC also decided to crash on Thursday morning. It took me over an hour to download 6 emails and attempt to get into a couple of my favourite forums. I rebooted...and windows wouldn't start again :(.

So, tonight, I finally have email and internet again, and I have received an email from our new Admin letting me know there will be a new tender drawn up, which we will need to sign and return. Looks as though it won't cost us a cent!! Yay!

Apart from the sleepless nights, I have been busy sorting out the kids toys, throwing out a heap of stuff and packing more boxes - ready for the weekly run to the storage place!

I'm getting there, slowly...and I can't wait for the school holidays to end so I can have a little peace to pack in! ;)

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