Friday, July 18, 2008

School Fire Update.

Nothing exciting is happening with our own house building until we sign the contract, so I thought I'd update on the school fire.

It has been a very exhausting and challenging first week back of Term 3 for the children, as they adjust to their new routines. They are all being dropped off at the school and bussed to a near-by school, which has been so kind in offering classrooms for them all. They then are bussed back to our school where the Parents pick them up. Unfortunately, there is no where to park at the school, as the main carpark is being used for trucks and bulldozers working on the damaged buildings, and it's just too unsafe to have cars, parents and children near the buildings. We have walked to school a few mornings, otherwise we park in the side streets and walk to the school gates. This morning, was the most challenging, as it was raining...for once!

The workers have been very busy with lots of activity at the school. Trees have been removed (unfortunately), to make way for the portables, and demolition and decontamination are beginning. It won't be long before the children are back on home soil and in their temporary classrooms while the re-building continues.

The Principal and the teachers have been just fantastic through all of this, as has the whole school community. It's been an horrific thing to have happened, but we will move forward from this little 'blip' in the history of our school.

Onwards and upwards!!

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