Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Updated Demo Quote.

We organised to have another quote from our chosen demolishes, as we are fast running out of time, and have not had a chance to get the trees cut down. We also thought about keeping some concrete out the back, where the sheds are, to relocate the cubby house, but we have to remove the Liquidamber next to it. Now that we have our site plan we have to take out several other trees as well. It seemed easier to get the demolishes to take it all out instead of a tree lopping company!

So, for an extra $1500, 6 large trees will be removed, as well as all the concrete and the sheds. Total cost will be $10,700, and we think that is very reasonable!

We are looking at moving out late August now, as demo may not happen until late September...once all the connections have been cut off. There are still many boxes to pack and furniture to move, but we are making steady progress!

Contract signing appointment is next Monday, so with any luck we will receive it on Friday and have the whole weekend to read through it all with a fine toothed comb! Although demo will be quite an emotional time, I can't wait to have a brand new house!

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