Saturday, August 2, 2008

Contract and Drawings Received!

I got home on Friday to see a huge white courier delivered envelope sitting on the porch, and was terribly excited to see it! We have an awful lot of reading to do tonight as we go through everything, and make sure we understand everything.

It was great to finally see our drawings come together, especially the elevations. There are about 6 little issues we have discovered, but most are the positioning of the lights in certain rooms. The family room lights have been wired incorrectly to how we drew them on our electrical plan, and the hallway/kitchen doors open the wrong way (especially annoying as we stipulated they be opening the other way, and is written in our tender). One major concern we have is the depth of the cupboard we asked for in the Study. It's waaaay too shallow. We will also need to have the double doors swapped around so the smaller one is closer to the cupboard.

We hope these little issues won't impact too much on our contract signing, and hope they are rectified quickly so we can still sign...without having to spend any money on post contract variations.

I can't scan the elevations as the scanner has been packed and is now in storage! I may take a couple of pics of them and post them...but you'll have to wait! I have an awful lot of reading to do tonight!!!

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