Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unconditional Loan Approval and First Post Contract Variation.

We have received a letter from our 'future' bank stating we have unconditional approval for our loan! Fantastic news, and we have also received our loan documents to sign too. How exciting!

We also received our first post contract variation from Henley, where all the issues we raised at the contract signing were amended. This included changing position of some lights, changing the wiring of other lights, swapping the study doors, making the study cupboard 820mm deep instead of 510mm, changing a couple of awning windows to sliding to match the rest of the elevations (except the front) and change the position of the extra power point in the garage to 1350mm instead of almost floor level. As it turns out, this post contract variation was free, and Henley now owe us $93!!

We signed it all and I dropped it into head office this morning.

I've also organised someone from the Council to assess the footpath to see how much we need to pay for an asset protection permit. At this stage, it looks as though it might be about an $1800 refundable bond.

In the meantime, the packing continues, as the storage place gets fuller and fuller, and our little house gets emptier and emptier. Busy times ahead, but I'm taking the weekend off and going to Adelaide for a Conference. A little piece of relaxation before the main move.

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