Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We've signed our life away...

Yesterday, the deed was done, and we signed on the dotted line! Well, actually we signed several dotted lines and initialled every page, making over 250 signatures! It all ran very smoothly, as did the pens.

We picked up on a few other mistakes in the electrical plan. This included the extra power point in the garage drawn at the incorrect height, the hallway two way switch was supposed to switch at the garage internal door (since that is the door we will mainly use to gain entry to the house), but it was drawn at the entrance instead. We also increased the study cupboard to 820mm depth, as it was drawn at 510mm. We also had the dining room windows (which were originally the lounge windows) changed to sliding to match the rest of the house. They had been drawn in as awning windows. I also queried the absence of the vent for the range hood on the elevation drawing. The vent for the powder room was there, but it is imperative that the range hood is externally vented...not into the ceiling space between the floors. We also swapped the position of the half door and the full door in the study, so the half door is on the same side as the cupboard door. This way, the half door can stay shut most of the time, and the cupboard can easily be opened.

Due to copyright reasons I will not be showing our floor plans with the dimensions on them, nor all of the elevation drawings. I have the front elevation, minus the dimensions, just to show what the house will look like with the cut and fill, and I have the publicly available floor plan as a basic feel of what it will be like.

We are looking at moving out in about 3 weeks, demo about 3 weeks after that, then it could be about 2 weeks minimum before site start. It won't be long now!!! Hopefully before Christmas we'll have a slab, frame and roof!

Fingers and toes are all crossed...

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