Monday, August 11, 2008

Pink Paint for a Power Pit!

...try saying that several times quickly! ;)

Great to see the fax went through to United Energy and I filled out the forms for a pit request correctly, since their attempt at faxing through the documents failed initially. Eventually email did the trick! So, we now have lovely pink paint work on the footpath out the front, marking the spot for the underground electrical pit. This is due to be installed on the 5th September (or there abouts!), and, hopefully, after we have moved out!

We have had several busy weekends recently. Along with the normal family commitments, we moved the rather large and extremely heavy TV unit into storage 2 weekends ago. With just the two of us tackling the beast, it took almost two hours to get it onto the trailer. We ended up having to jack it up so it was level with the trailer, then sliding it on. It's far too heavy to be picked up by 2 people. We did try ringing a couple of people to help, but no one was home!

Thankfully, at the storage place, it was much easier to drag it off the trailer and onto a set of cricket stumps, and literally roll it into the lockup. Hopefully when the time comes to move it again we will have some extra people power!

Last weekend we dismantled the cubby house on the Saturday and moved that into storage too. It would have been nice to have just left it, but the alfresco will be built partly on top of it, so it had to go!

Now you see it.... it's all packed away!

We had planned on moving a couple of other big pieces of furniture on the Sunday, but at the time we had rained and snowed on the nearby hills. So what did we do instead? Snow chasing, of course!


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