Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy.

It's been a very busy time lately, and I've found it difficult to find some time to update the blog and process the photos that go along with it!

To begin with, I was asked to make 4 butterfly frames for a blog reader, and I was absolutely stoked! It didn't take me too long to cut out the butterflies (I did most of them while watching the last few eps of Master Chef!), but then I still had to assemble them, package them up with lots of foam and bubble wrap and send them off. All in between dealing with all of the voluntary work I do at my children's school and a quick trip to The Gold Coast!

So this is what I made: Red:




As well as an aqua one for my Mum for her Birthday!:

That's a lot of butterflies recently!!

I am also about to begin another for another blog reader!

So what's been happening around the house? I've finally made a decision I was stumped over in this post. I waited until the plantation shutters were installed and decided to go with 2 pictures.

Yay! No more completely naked walls in the lounge room! I just need to find the right frames for my bird/nests/eggs wrapping paper for beside the window, and all the family black and whites on the opposite never ends!

Last weekend we ticked several things on the 'to do' list. As well as the 2 maps in the loungroom, my Daughters chandelier was put up in her bedroom:

...and we began to complete the study nook in the family room. This area was always a bit of a shambles with my very old pine desk and chair and 'stuff' just dumped on top of it. I always had big plans for this area, and they are starting to become reality!

This was after I cleaned up the piles of papers:

...and after a shopping trip to IKEA!

Obviously, the desk will be painted white and have dark drawer pulls installed, but I haven't had a chance yet...and it's not really suitable 'standing in the garage painting for hours' kind of weather in Melbourne at the moment!!

I do love my new Barometer lamp...thanks IKEA!!!


Elements said...

All your hard work is paying off Stormy, your home is looking beautiful, as always and your butterflys are always gorgeous no matter what colour.

Annie@A View On Design said...

study nook looks great!

A-M said...

Oh Stormy, you have been busy. Your butterflies are beautiful and your home is coming together perfectly. That office corner is a great before and after! Love the lamp! A-M xx

Lorraine said...

Stormy you have been a very busy lady. Your butterflies are gorgeous and I'm sure they are loved in their new homes. Love that you have gone with the two prints in your living area. Your little study nook is looking stunning, the lamp just sets it off. xox

Kek said...

The maps are perfect. Can't wait to see the desk made-over.

I can't imagine why you don't want to be painting in the garage at the moment. It's so toasty.... LOL