Wednesday, September 8, 2010


To celebrate 'almost' 1 year since getting the keys to our home, and 'almost' 200 posts (they won't quite line up at the same time!) I am going to be giving away one '6 butterfly' frame of your choice. Have a look through THIS POST HERE at all the ones I have created to give you an idea of what I can create for you. Leave a comment on this 'Giveaway' post telling me a little about yourself, and what butterfly frame you would love to see in your home to be eligible to enter.

You must be an Australian resident to enter and only leave 1 comment. Spam comments will not be included! The competition will close on Friday 17th September at 8pm (Eastern Standard Time), and be drawn sometime that evening.

Good Luck!!!


Lorraine said...

All your butterfly frames are gorgeous Stormy. I'm sure that who ever wins one will think the same. You can see how much love you have put into each of them. STUNNING!!!!


April said...

Oh Stormy, I do love your butterfly frames, they are so sweet. My absolute favourite would be the red butterflies in a smaller black frame with music background.

About me, I am April who blogs over at City Girl in Rural Oz. I am a 20-something renovator trying to finish a 100 year old house in order to move to a 'less countryish' area.

TroFi said...

Hi Stormy, I've been stalking your blog for a while now :) Your butterflies are simply stunning, you are so creative!

I't hard to choose a favourite between the purple and pink ones you did for your daughters room. Just gorgeous! If I could choose one for my house it would have to be blue (love blue!)

A little about me? I'm 23, live in country NSW and my husband & I are currently building our first house :)

Love your creativity, keep it coming! :)

Annie@A View On Design said...

g'day luv, you know I love these,,, particularly the b/flys out of music paper - very creative you are!

Me. I live my DH and 2 bubs, try not to work, wish I could freeze-frame my life right now, forever, cuz looking at my little girl makes me happier than words can say!

I also blog on Aviewondesign, which is just a hobby, that's all!

jay said...

Wow stormy they look amazing!! I think a black and white one for my room would be just perfect. I'm a crazy mummy of 2 with a crazy husband who still has nooooooo stuff on the wall after 3 yrs!!

Amy said...

All the butterfly frames are georgeous!!! ~~hard choice for me,but I think I love most the red one with music background, as I'm also a music instrument lover !
About me, I'm Amy in Melbourne, am building my own new house and just moved in a couple of weeks ago!

All the best!

Mel, Matt, Jacob and Ava said...

Love all of your butterfly frames, I have been admiring them for ages! The Pink and green butterflies in a white frame and green background would look great in my daughters room :-).

I'm yet to build my own house, but read enough blogs to know what I want.

Louise said...

Love your blog, Stormy. You have a fabulous style and I want to copy so much of what you've done.

I stumbled across your blog after doing a google search. We are about to start building a 5 bedroom option of the new Wilshire designs and thankfully your blog hasn't put us off!

Your butterflies are stunning! Choosing one would be a nightmare as each one is lovely and I'd think "Yep, I'd have that one" only to scroll to the next picture and think - "No, it would be that one". I love the music notes - they'd look awesome next to the piano, love the maps (very symbolic) but I think the RED ones would win it in a photo finish for me!

Please keep up with your blog. I can't wait to see your house all finished one day - I'd love to see what you end up doing in the gardens.

Ange said...

I just love your butterfly frames :) I can't decide which is my favourite... the atlas one for me or the pastel one for my daughters butterfly themed bedroom.

DH and I, along with our two girls and a fur baby are just days away from moving into our completed dream home.... ah let the decorating begin.

Thank you Stormy for all of your inspirational decorating ideas. I find myself looking at gift wrapping paper and old pieces of furniture in a whole new light and can't wait to tackle my first home decorating project!

Kim said...

Oooh, Stormy - I would love one of those for my daughter's room. Have been eyeing them off for a while but since our old house is still standing and the new one not even begun yet I couldn't see it happening for a while.
Would love something in pastels and white of some description. Hope I win.
Love seeing your house come together & can't wait to do the same myself.


Naomi said...

I am 36 and have a daughter 17 months and 3 blogs(I'm nuts). I am about to build a new home in Mt Annan. I love your blog and your decor. My favorite butterfly frame has the pink butterflies and white frame but honestly I like them all. I think the pink would fabo in my daughters soon to be new room. Once our new house is built that is! Post more often with pics. Cheers, Naomi

Anonymous said...

Would love to go in your giveaway, your butterflies are very special!
alicia :0)

Suz said...

I love reading your blog - would be thrilled to be a winner. Love your butterfly frames -they're gorgeous!

karry327 said...

Hi Stormy, making a last minute frantic, change of mind, paint colour decision which lead me to your blog as I recalled you used Nomadic Ivory! And I think we're sold!!!

Your butterfly frames are just gorgeous! I like them all but my favourites are the red ones and the gold & taupe. We released butterflys at our wedding, so they always bring back happy memories.

About me: Hubby, 2 young boys and I are about to commence building our new home with Eden Brae in Sydney.

stormygirl said...

Hi Karry, unfortunately, you're a little late for the giveaway, but thanks for the comments anyway! Nomadic Ivory is such a lovely colour. Best wishes for your build!

karry327 said...

Oops, sorry Stormy! Just realised I'm 2 months too late!!! And I sent a 2nd entry as I didn't think the 1st one went through!! Anyway, just a gorgeous blog. Where would I be able to buy one of those lovely butterfly frames anyway?

stormygirl said...

Hi Karry,

I'll be in touch!