Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anyone have a spare $27 Million?

We can all dream a little, can't we?

I was looking through Real Estate sites (as I often do!) and came across this little gem in Sagaponack in 'The Hamptons'. So much potential, so much space....and so much cleaning!

Newly built on 7 1/2 acres with a pool house, carriage house and restored 250 year old barn! Also a pool, tennis court and spa. The 'main' house has 8 bedrooms, a theatre, gym with sauna, 11 toilets, a wine 'room' and a lift, all spanning 3 levels!

Just look at it's beautiful huge entrance. Imagine the possibilities here!

Huge living room with marble fire place, built in shelves and beautiful ceilings:

Separate library:

Kitchen, which I would change quite a bit in:

Second staircase and mud room:

Main staircase landing:

Marble master bathroom with fireplace:

The Wine Room:

Full plans, pictures and other info all HERE.

What would I change? The lights and hardware in the kitchen, and possibly the splashback tiles, and have the island bench top match the others. I would probably also like to see some internal french doors, or just transoms to define different rooms where there are no doors. Also noted there are no transoms above the exterior windows and french doors. I would probably also change the mirror lights in the bathrooms and add chandeliers everywhere! Nice to dream a little!

How would you furnish it, and what would you change?

All images here.


Elements said...

Maybe we can pool all our change and have a timeshare holiday apartment.

kexkez said...

Urgh to those lights in th kitchen but I love the library and I'll have that wine room please. hmm might need a fair bit of dosh to fill it though.

Mrs B said...

I wouldnt even know how to begin to furnish a house like that!Massive...I always wonder why people build homes like that and then decide to sell. I do think the kitchen missed the mark a bit and those kitchen lights, a very odd choice.
Love the ensuite bathroom with that large fireplace, how romantic would that be to take a bath with the fire roaring!
Mrs B xxx

Annie@A View On Design said...

OMG check out that kitchen!!! that is amazing

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Wow, she's a stunner alright. A tonne of possibilites and so much to play with though also, sadly, a lot to potentially get very wrong as well! :-)

A Room For Everyone said...

That is perfection, almost! I'd only change the bathroom and some details in the kitchen. It is so gorgeous..Rachaelxx

Time Worn Style said...

Love love!! only thing I have found on having a larger garden and house though, you need staff to maintain it (which we dont yikes!)

The Little Pig said...

Wow your blog is a whole lotta fun!! Love it! Any advice you can bestow - pls do! Love the big homes but I'm afraid ours will be much smaller!! I'm writing a blog myself - But its more about design at the moment than anything else. Its fun though. Keep up the good work!