Sunday, November 28, 2010

Study Nook Complete.

Although I have already celebrated with a giveaway to coincide with one year since handover and my 200th post, this is officially my 200th post! That's an awful lot of babbling on for the past 3 years!

I can finally say another 'section' of a room is finally completed. I'm sure you remember the tired old looking pine desk in the 'planned' study nook in the family room:

Pretty unattractive, huh? After a trip to IKEA for some floating shelves, a Barometer lamp (although that's already sitting proudly in the photo above), a few accessories, a new Ingolf chair to match the bar chairs in the kitchen, a can of Zinsser BIN Primer, some paint and new handles, and we have something a little more pleasing to look at and work on!

Looks a bit different, doesn't it!

I spent roughly $17 on the primer and $21 on new handles. I used the left over paint from the bookshelf make-over previously and it's completely transformed it. Sure beats spending over $500 for a new desk!

I couldn't resist this gorgeous Union Jack paper weight:

Another bargain! Target were selling these apothecary jars for $20. When I bought mine, it happened to be on sale for $14! Inside I have vintage sheet music I rolled into scrolls and tied with cotton twine. I bought the large book of vintage sheet music for $5 at an Antiques shop! Plenty left for many other uses.

Apart from transforming furniture, I've also been working on some more of my frames (butterflies and keys!), and also my vintage look tags. These ones are made from a sheet of French ephemera wrapping paper:

So quick and easy to do, but I won't make too many more until I know they will sell!

I can't believe it's December this week! I'm looking forward to setting up the tree, dressing the banisters and tying up the front doors!!!


Kek said...

Gorgeous, Stormy. It always amazes me what a huge difference paint makes!

southies said...

Congrats stormy!! It look soooo GOOD!

Jenny said...

Love your desk makeover and decoration. I need to do the same and this has helped inspire me - Thanks! ;-)

Kyandra said...

Oh how gorgeous. I love your style. Apothecary jar for $14..I think I'm going to cry..I have been looking for some forever and haven't been able to find one at a reasonable price! Thanks for sharing.. Kym X

April said...

Love what you have done with your desk, it has given it a new lease on life. Well done!

I received an email today about a paper clearance in Melbourne that I thought you might be interested in. Details here:

I remembered seeing on H1 that C.Re is one of your favourite paper designers, and thought it might come in handy for your beautiful butterflies (which I get heaps of comments on - thank you ever so much!)

Helena said...

Wow, what a transformation! Amazing how much a pot of paint and an eye for detail and style can do! The room looks beautiful and your tags are so pretty, too!

Thank you SO much for your kind words of encouragement - I felt very touched!

Kind regards,
Helena, The Swenglish Home

Elements said...

Stormy, great styling...well done on your selection of items to display, they all work so well together.
I love your eye for the little details. xK

Julie-Ann said...

It looks amazing Stormy. Love the handles and all the little extra pieces you have added:). Stunning.

Annie@A View On Design said...

my goodness, you just have such nice taste!

Barbara said...

I am really enjoying your blog - Ilove your butterflies and the way you do things.