Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still here, and still no site start date.

It's been a very busy few weeks in our household, and not much is happening at the dust bowl. The neighbours must think I'm completely mad! I still drive past almost every day, hoping that something has happened, and yet I know nothing has changed.

I emailed our lovely Admin today, who is currently on Annual Leave. I received an Auto Reply as well as an email from another Admin explaining she is away. I am still very impressed with Henley's customer service, as she did inform me that the contour survey had been done, and the draftsman is looking into this and re-ordering engineering. I still haven't seen any stakes with pink ribbons on them yet, identifying our 'true' boundaries...which is what I'm waiting for. I highly doubt the fences are in the absolute correct place on the boundary!!

From time to time, I may mention 'The House Down The Road'. This particular 'house' was demolished during ours (and levelled and cleared in 3 days not 8!), and currently I was watching them this morning pour the slab. It is quite disheartening, so I keep telling myself it will happen, and it has to happen, because at the moment we are house-less!

Last week I did send into Henley all of the variations for the 'free' PCV, and I guess once the soil test and survey are factured into it we will see how much extra we are up for. I don't think it will be a huge shock, as we know roughly how much each item is.

Apart from being terribly busy with family stuff, I have made some significant decisions on the 'look' I would like to achieve for the Lounge and the Entrance Hall, and been window shopping accordingly! Much to my Husbands disgust, the plan may include a feature wall of wallpaper! And everytime I'm passing a Freedom store, I drop in and sit on the couches we have selected. They are so divine!

While I'm posting pics, here are the gorgeous candle sticks I bought for 'somewhere'! Currently, they are wrapped in bubble wrap and squashed in the laundry cupboard with other breakables from the old house! Only I have the smaller 2.

Last, but not least, another couple of pics of the interior I found of The Wilshire. Although I forgot to 'flip' the first one so the orientation matches our floorplan.

I will post my thoughts and maybe some (very) rough sketches at a later stage of my decor plans!


Rel said...

We have those lounges and adore them also ! Everyone who sits in them comments on how incredibly comfy they are !!!!

Hope you get a start soon !

stormygirl said...

Thanks Rel, they are sensational, aren't they, and should fit in perfectly for what I have planned in the Lounge room.

You've done a fabulous job with decorating your new home...I have the letters 'EAT' in my kitchen too (well, did in the old house, and will have in the new ;) )

House-To-Be said...

Yep I know another blog that has the Toorak sofa's too. They look really nice and comfy. (link is House that bank built on my blog). I love the pics of what you'd like to achieve. Nice to see someone else liking warm, cosy, interiors :-) I think you'll do a great job.

Love the candlestick holders too. Looking forward to seeing your house come together. I've loved all your selections for a long time (bookmarked your colour page months ago!)

Hope you see some action soon. It's hard isn't it?

stormygirl said...

Thanks HTB, I thought I'd seen them somewhere else on another of the hundreds of blogs I read! ;)

I hope I see some action soon too. It's extremely hard! Then once they get started, they'll have to break for Christmas...more waiting!