Saturday, July 11, 2009

A little more progress.

No photos today, sorry! But I should have lots through dirty windows tomorrow!

There hasn't been anything 'major' happening at the house this past week, but several tradies have been in and finishing off odd jobs. I caught the roofing Guy's on the garage roof earlier in the week, as they fixed some tiles, finished pointing the garage and installed the 'correct' guttering, so the outlet for the downpipe actually matches where the downpipe in the ground is! I did notice, though, that they have broken off the corner of one tile which is now open to the elements (and yes, it's still rainy in Melbourne...) and the garage ceiling has now been gyprocked...only to get wet again. Thankfully, it hasn't been painted (hasn't been stopped yet either), so if it gets wet and mouldy, they'll just have to replace it!

The alfresco has been completed with the missing course of bricks, the cornice and painting of the infill board, ceiling and support beams. The infill and support beams are all painted in 'Paperbark', so it ties in well with the windows and the guttering/fascia.

We were there today for a couple of minutes to collect the fence extension panels we need to modify, and install for our occupancy certificate, and was great to see tradies working on a Saturday! We didn't want to disturb them, so resisted the temptation to go in and have a look, but just collected the fence extension panels and left. We will be installing them tomorrow, so I'll get a chance to take pics through dirty windows then.

The painting has been delayed somewhat, and the tiler was supposed to start on the 15th. As the plastering and the painting still hasn't been completed the tiler will not be able to start next week, and so this probably pushes our handover back by a week. Still no 'official' date, but fingers crossed it's at the end of August, giving us time to get the cabling fit off and flooring done before we move in. Ideally, we'd like to be able to move most of the stuff from storage while the kids are still at school. End of Term 3 starts on 18th fingers crossed. The gap is slowly closing, but with any luck, we'll be OK...


Annie said...

hey stormy, any progress is good progress right! I noticed your start date in your timeline - geesh, you must be a bit over finish date??? they're taking their sweet merry time aren't they!! poor you!

stormygirl said...

Hi Annie,

They are actually well within contract this stage! Site scrape was in Feb, and end of contract is in December, 310 days later. It's actually been quite quick for a double storey, as progress has been fairly consistant. It's just the finishing that seems to take forever, and the fact that we really started the whole process in October 2007...that's the bit that's hard! Won't be long now, though...

Mrs B said...

How wonderful for you Stormy! I hope you are able to enjoy moving in during the school holidays. The house is looking fantastic and your staircase is just perfect...I wish mine was like that LOL Everything you have choosen is going to be sensational in your new home.
Mrs B

stormygirl said...

Thankyou Mrs B! Lovely to hear from you again! There is still a loooong way to go, but it's all starting to come together. Nothing wrong with your staircase, Mrs B, it's perfect for your modern home! Moving during the holidays will be a nightmare, but unpacking shouldn't be too bad! I'll just take my time!

I hope everything will look still worries me!

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

hope it isn't that long for u :(. Bloody tradies LOL how dare they slacken off building our homes right LOL
T and J