Thursday, July 16, 2009

Painting looks to be almost complete.

I had a good look around the house yesterday, through dirty windows and dodging the ever expanding moat, and the interior painting looks to be finished! The balusters have lost their newspaper protection and the plastic is gone from the kitchen cupboards.

On Monday when I drove past the house The painter was just finishing up painting the inside edges of the front doors black. When I drove past on Tuesday, I was absolutely horrified to see that they were matt, not lovely sparkly, shiny gloss. I was pretty mortified! I assumed it may have been undercoat (why on already primed doors...?), but decided to wait a few days to see what happened before I rang my CSA.

On my look around yesterday, the crisis had been somewhat averted, as there was a coat of gloss on them! They do look stripey, and I hope they do another coat of gloss, or I will be asking for one. They 'should' be a lot shinier than what they currently are...

The 'missing' linea bands down the bottom of the portico piers were installed yesterday too, so with any luck, that will mean the rest of the portico can be finished in the 'proper' render colour.

Nice water feature we have too!

The laundry door also looked matt from the photos the other day (I didn't take them), but has since had it's coat of gloss. Not too concerned if this only has one coat as it's not a major feature of the house...unlike the front doors ;-)

All internal doors (apart from the pantry doors) are 2 panel and painted white gloss. Here is the garage internal access door:

And a delivery of downpipes sitting in the garage ready to be installed:

The stairs all painted and the handrail stained and varnished, and the walls, ceiling and skirtings all done:

Kitchen done and looks as though the stone benches are in too...although they are protected! Pot drawers still to be replaced:

Family room with the curved wall, and the perfect spot for my vintage London bus destination blind (yet to be 'assembled'!)

Now that it is rendered and I've had a good look at it, I've picked up an issue with the portico where the corbelled brick course meets the eaves. Previously, it was unoticed as the corbelled brick course blended in to the rest of the bricks, but since it's rendered, one side is quite different to the other. The right side looks great:

...but on the left side, there is a gap where the eaves meets the bricks, and the corbelled brick course (now rendered) is slightly shorter than the other side. The photos are pretty self explanatory:

Unsure how they will fix this, but I'll be requesting they attempt to do something as it looks uneven now I've spotted it. I'm sure no one else would ever see it (a little like my odd brick issue), but being on the front facade it needs to be perfect. Am I asking too much again??

Not sure of the progress today as I didn't get a chance to drop in! I Will after the school drop off tomorrow morning and see if we have downpipes!! I certainly hope they are installed soon...the moat around the front, along with the lap pool and spa are growing!


Toni said...

Your house is looking lovely Stormy. I've not checked in for awhile and just had a read through your last few posts. Front doors look great! I'm not sure if H3nley are like PD who do the final gloss coat on handover day (or PCI).

Love the paint colour and your 2 panel doors :-) Everything is coming together beautifully, you must be really happy.

Hope they fix up the issues you've pointed out but from the sounds of it they have been really good in other things you have brought to their attention.

stormygirl said...

Thanks Toni!

I will definitely be asking for another gloss coat on the doors at my next site meeting. I really don't think they are 'up to standard' as I would expect a front door to look like!

I hope they fix the issues too. Not sure if the portico mistake is with bricking, framing, or eaves installation and unsure how they are going to rectify it, but we'll cross that bridge when it happens! It can't stay like that, though, it looks odd.

Happy, yes, but well and truly over the whole thing at the moment...I just want to move in and get on with decorating!!

Annie said...

WOW those front doors are stunning, doesn't the black look fantastic!!!

Dave & Paula said...

Hi Stormy,

Your house is looking absolutely beautiful! I love your wall colour. What colour did you go with? I am thinking ours is a bit too "buttery", although it is not quite finished yet.

Bet you are getting excited!

Good luck,


stormygirl said...

Thanks Annie, yes, love the black!! Thankfully they are white on the inside too! Just need a few mirrors to bounce the light around the's a little dark without sidelites!

Hi Paula, yes I'm very excited, but there is still a bit to do. The wall colour is from Henley's standard range called 'Nomadic Ivory'. We wanted something that was warm, and had a slight pinky/taupy feel to it, not too much green or yellow. I chose it as it was in the same tones as the kitchen cupboards (Alabaster), and blended in well with the Caesar Stone (Ice Snow). I just hope it's not too dark...maybe 1/2 strength would have done! Oh well... ;)

Best wishes with your place! It's looking wonderful!!

Ismail Mogal said...

Hi Stormy,

Wonderful, house is looking really good. Was not checking any blogs lately, just been busy with work and pixxed off with Henley. Still waiting for siting tobe done properly more than a week. Dont know whom to contact, so hard to get the right person, been in contact with sales consultant, its been 7 months since this started and we are feeling going nowhere.
FHOG is coming close, dont know how to resolve in time.

Anyhow, good to see you progress.

stormygirl said...

Hi Ismail,

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues with the siting. Keep cracking the whip! I know how hard it is to wait for so long. We've been 'in the process' for almost 2 years. With any luck, it won't be long now and you can start building.