Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bargain Makeover.

Remember this little purchase for $5 at the Flinders Market?

For a grand total of $39 (including the original $5 price tag), I've made it look like new!

Lots of sanding and filling, about 5 coats of gloss enamel (1 and 1/2 spray cans), some new hardware and half a roll of flocked wrapping paper and it now resides in my Son's bedroom.

The next little 'furniture rejuvenation' project I'll undertake will be the 2 stained and varnished book cases in the family room. The baltic colour just doesn't cut it anymore, and will be sanding them back, spraying on some Zinsser BIN Primer and following with several coats of acrylic satin (I don't want my shelves turning yellow over time if I use enamel...). I love the look of white shelves, and can't wait to start! It will give me more time to think about the buttoned ottoman which is next on the list.


Asmail said...

Hi Stormy,

Good to see some updates. I got my PCI on this Thursday. Please let me know if there is anything to be taken care of. Also got final invoice, did you get some/any refund for your rock removal?
See my blog http://asmailsdreamhome.blogspot.com/.


stormygirl said...

Hi Ismail,

Best wishes for Thursday! That seems to have come around really quickly! With PCI, the best thing to do is check absolutely everything! Make sure you take some light globes to check the lights are wired the correct way, and take a small electric appliance (shaver) to test all the power points. Look for scratches on windows, mortar blow outs, leaking plumbing under the basins, flush all toilets, open and close all windows and doors, check privacy locks. Look at every wall and painted surface for defects. Remove shoes and socks and walk around the tiled areas (especially showers!) for uneven or rough surfaces. Make sure everything you asked for is according to what you signed off on in your contract. Do not accept poor workmanship!This is your chance to get things fixed if they are considered a 'defect'.

Make sure you are not rushed, and take your time! Have a search through my blog to see what we did for PCI (August '09).

There was no rock provision on our land, as we demolished our existing home, so there were no rocks!

Good luck!!

Asmail said...

Hi Stormy,

Thanks for the info, will look at your blog.


southies said...

Now all you need is to enforce the new rule :
"None of your junk on the 'new' bedside table". lol

Miss Vintage said...

Looks so great - love the little handles

De Novo Concepts said...

Wow Stormy...Very nice indeed!

Helena said...

It is so nice to dig your teeth into a project and find the satisfaction when it is finished. And if the price tag is modest - the satisfaction seems even bigger.. ;-D. Nice work!

Regards, Helena, The Swenglish Home

B is building a house said...

Hi Stormy

That's an excellent job you've done there. Love it!

B is building a house