Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plantations Are In!!

I had a very exciting day yesterday when the plantation shutters (all 17 of them!) were finally installed. 10 Months of paper Redi-Shades was just a bit much...but they did serve me well, and looked a lot better than multi coloured sheets!

Dining room:


Meals Bi-fold:

Meals with mess! It's a home, not display home, and I was busy making butterflies!

Lounge Room:

Master Bedroom:

I still haven't had a chance to put the furniture back in all the rooms (the buffet lives under the window), and I haven't taken photos of all of them. There are 17 windows in total.

I could almost have slept in this morning! The bedroom was so dark, it was wonderful! I even had to turn on the light to see after I had my shower, which I never had to do with the Redi-Shades!

Now I just need to get a few more things up on the wall, finish painting the shelves I've started, start on the buttoned ottoman, find the perfect dining table and chairs (that is within the budget!), get the study desk and built-ins built, fix the study nook in the family room, day it might be finished!


Lorraine said...

OMG Stormy, how gorgeous does your beautiful home look? The plantations sure do look stunning.
Love your ensuite too. Cannot wait to see updated photo's of your finished products. xox

southies said...

All just stunning Stormy & your ensuite is just gorgeous. I'm green with envy!

A-M said...

Oh Stormy, they are the icing on the cake... spectacular. You must be soooo happy. If we lived in the same town, I would beg you for your shutter man's details! Great job! A-M xx

stormygirl said...

Thank you so much Ladies! I'm very happy with them...just have to add a few more things to the rooms to make them feel 'complete', but the shutters have made such a difference!

Lorraine, projects are underway and progress is good, except the buttoned ottoman will be tackled a bit later! Too much else to do at the moment!

Southies, I will have more pics of the ensuite at some stage, especially now it looks more complete with the shutters!

A-M, My shutter man has a place in Maroochydore, and on The Sunshine Coast!


Kek said...

So, do you walk around the house opening and closing them, and just admiring their beauty?

I would... :)

southies said...

OMG kek! I would be doing the same thing! ROFL!!!

M said...

Stormy, I adored your home before the shutters, and love it even more now! I love the white of the shutters up against your wall colour and the white trims. Congratulations!!

stormygirl said...

LOL, no, Kek, I haven't had much time to open and close them constantly...but I do admire their beauty everytime I walk past them!

Thank you, M!

GC said...

Hey, love the photos. Can I ask a question about the bifolds?... I've just had a quote from one installer who is really against doing two bifolds on each side of a window (like you've done in your meals area), because he says they won't sit exactly flush so they're all in a straight line and it will bother me forever.

Is this your experience? Do yours have a track at the top or do they just rely on the hinges?


stormygirl said...

Hi GC,

My bifolds (I also have them in the lounge room) are hinged, they do not have a track at all. They look exactly the same as the other plantations that are hinged as well, and sit flush exactly like the others. There is nothing about my plantations that I don't love :-) Hope that helps!!

Funnyshots Invitations said...

hi, what colour are your walls?

stormygirl said...

Hi there! The colour is Nomadic Ivory by Bristol, full strength. Although the walls are painted using Taubmans paint.