Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Time Has Come...

...to turn on comment moderation!

I seem to be attracting more spam than geniune comments, so I have decided to turn on the comment moderation feature and see what happens!

Please continue to post comments as I love hearing from you, but they will just have to be 'approved' first!

...oh, and my plantation shutters are being installed tomorrow!!!Yay!!!


A-M said...

At least it's spam and not nasties! Getting more tricky each day this blogging. I read about one poor girl who was served a 'Cease and Desist' notice as she published a picture without the correct source on it! A-M xx

kexkez said...

Excellent decision. Amazing what scary people are out there and what strange things they sometimes post.

As long as you check your emails or blog fairly often there isn't enough of a delay to bother anyone. Not that having moderation on your blog should be a bother anyway.

Annie@A View On Design said...

yeah I took my verification feature off, only get the occasional junk mail stuff... it doesn't stress me atm. but plz put some pics of the shutters, we have them at the front of our property, spent heaps on them (as you know I'm sure!!), we got dark timber stain, to match the timber throughout our home, and little did I know, we had tinted windows at the front, so you can't bloody see them from the street anyways! friggin cost us over $2K and for what i ask!!! oh well... just another "pleasurable" moment whilst building - add it to the list!

stormygirl said...

No Nasties, thankfully A-M, just annoyed at the more spam than genuine comments! Sick of deleting it all. I hardly ever post pics I haven't taken myself...too scared of the whole copyright thingy!(Apart from the fact that my ideas folder is full of stuff I can't remember where it came from!)

Thanks Kexkez...email are checked many times throughout the day, and it's been very easy so far!

Don't worry, Annie, there will be rather large photo heavy post in the next few days with all the shutters! Here they are open, here they are closed, here's the view from the exterior...oh look what the bi-folds look like half 'bi-folded'! LOL...most exciting thing in about 4 months! I'm sure everyone must be getting so sick of butterflies!