Friday, June 6, 2008

Appointments Booked.

I was able to talk to our Pre Site Customer Service Admin yesterday, and she kindly emailed through the results of the soil test and survey. We have sandy, silty soils and will require a strengthened 'M' class slab. There is also a little concern over trees and the need for root barrier along the slab, but I assured her the trees on our property will not be there! The huge Gum on the nature strip (which the Council refused to cut down earlier) may be of a problem as well as a tree in the Neighbour's front garden. This will all be seen to by an engineer once the existing house has been demolished, and further soil tests are conducted.

We have a fall of up to 1000mm from right to left across the property, so a cut and fill will be required for our slab, and the possibility of retaining walls along the 'fill' side as the garage is to be along the boundary. All will be decided with an engineers report.

We have made our colour appointment for June 25th, and our tender appointment for July 7th. I was back at Cosham this morning looking at tiles and splashback colours and discovered we are unable to choose any colour for our glass splash in the kitchen, but only from their selection they have. This narrows down the choice significantly and makes me want a white kitchen even more as any of their samples clash awfully with the Stipple Cocoa.

There is also some disagreement with our base price of the house, what we have been lead to believe we are entitled to pay (since having our deposit down since November), and what our Admin has told us we are to pay. I won't go into the details but obviously there is a communication glitch between the Admins and Sales Consultants with regards to their pricing policy. Hopefully things will sort themselves out and everyone will be happy!

We are looking into storage facilities in our area as well. There are a number of them, but 2 have been crossed off the list already! One has room available but up a flight of stairs, and the other isn't open 24hrs, and not at all on a Sunday! Highly inconvenient for both of them.

I'm still packing...and now stressing!

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