Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Have A Revised Quote!

Great news all around at the moment!! We took a little trip to Henley over the long weekend, spoke to our Waterstone Financial Consultant, and will apply for a loan in the next few weeks (still waiting on a pay slip!). We also revised our quote with the added changes and additions, and have had confirmation that we will have the base price from March if we can sign the contract before the 30th September. This is fantastic news, and will save us $14,000...which, no doubt, will get spent in colour upgrades (bricks, electrical plan, different tiles, stair options etc..etc...etc!)

I also took the plans to a flooring shop to get a quote for the floorboards and carpet. I've asked for a quote on Boral's Silkwood 'Spotted Gum' and Brinton's Bell Twist in 'Mushroom'. I'll find out in a few days time what the damage will be!!

Organised to have a quote from a demolition company on Saturday morning, and I'll speak to the electricity company tomorrow regarding the installation of a pit.

We have also realised a new storage place has opened up around the corner from us and they have an opening special of 30% off for the first 3 months! They are open 7 days a week too!

Things are moving quickly, and I have soooo much to organise...and I still refuse to get excited until the papers are signed!

Many thanks, once again, to the wonderful staff at Henley...lets hope the build goes as smoothly ;)

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Louise said...

Well that's all really good news!! Maybe you'll also get a HUGE discount on the flooring??!!