Thursday, June 26, 2008

Colour Selections.

Here is the full colour list...I just hope I haven't left anything off!

NOTE: Photos are not a true representation of the colours, just a basic feel!


Bricks: Daniel Robertson's Hawthorn Tan Blend.

Mortar: Flush off white.

Roof Tiles: Bristile Classic Single in Gunmetal.

Windows: Merino/Paperbark

Gutters/fascia/downpipes: Paperbark

Garage Door: Caprice (raised rectangular panels) Paperbark

Front Render: Earth Kiss

Front Linear Bands: Paperbark.

Front Door: Gloss Black (signed a disclaimer as Henley won't cover for 'warping')

Rear Cladding: Jasper (blends in with bricks)

Eaves: White.

Driveway: Charcoal grey concrete (done at a later stage).

Meter Box: Paperbark

Rear Garage Door and Laundry Door: Paperbark


Wall colour throughout: Nomadic Ivory

Ceiling: Builders White

All Woodwork and Internal Doors: Gloss White.

Staircase Treads/Risers/Newel: Gloss White. (Carpeted)

Staircase Balusters: Black with some decorative ribbon inserts (dust collectors!!)

Staircase Handrail: Colonial Baltic stain.


Bench Top: Caesar Stone Ice Snow

Cupboards (o'head and base): Laminex 'Alabaster' in gloss 2 pac. Soft bevelled profile

Kicker: Alabaster Laminex

Splashback: Glass 'Alecon Lace' on Starfire. (low iron content so true clear glass, not green tinged)

Handles: Tekform Square D-Pull brushed chrome.


Bench Top: Caesar Stone Ice Snow

Cupboards/Kicker: Laminex Alabaster

Floor Tile: Banur Earth (was Urban Earth)

Wall Tile: Roman Gloss white

Handles: Tekform Square D-Pull brushed chrome


Bench Top: Laminex Diamond Gloss Pure Mineralstone

Cupboards (under bench and o'head): Laminex Alabaster

Kicker: Laminex Alabaster

Floor Tile: Banur Earth

Wall Tile: Roman Gloss White

Handles: Tekform Square D-Pull brushed Chrome


Hallway/Kitchen/Meals/Family: Boral's Silkwood Spotted Gum

Study/Lounge/Dining/TV/All Bedrooms: Brintons Bell Twist 80/20 Mushroom


Louise said...

Gorgeous!!!! Love the splashback.

brett said...
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