Monday, September 15, 2008

Frustrations Continue.

After the Aus Post debarcle, I decided to ring the Gas and Electricity companies to see why the services have not been abolished. Knowing it could take up to 20 days...well, that runs out this Wednesday, so I thought I had better check.

First I checked with the Electricity to see if they had received our fax. They had on the 29th August. Great! He then could tell me it was processed on the 1st September, and should take 10 days after that. Last I heard, adding 10 days onto the 1st September would make it the 11th. HELLO??? Today is the 15th...why do I still have electricity? He couldn't answer that one. Instead he put me through to the company responsible for removing the wires from the house. Once I was put through to someone, she said it was supposed to be done not before the 12th, and before the 16th of September. That's all well and good, but tomorrow is the 16th...they had better get cracking....

With patience fast running out I rang the Gas Company. Perhaps a bad move in my current mood, but while on a roll, I thought I should. After being passed on to at least 4 people (and put on hold for several minutes in between each one), I was getting more and more frustrated as no one could give me a straight answer. I would have loved to have seen one particular Woman's face when she said my Husband had to ring as the gas account was in his name and I couldn't access it without his approval. What the? At this stage, I let fly. I told her I didn't want to access the account, I wanted to know why the service hadn't been cut for demolition after I rang and organised it on 28th Aug, spoke to such and such and was assured I didn't need to sign any forms or 'get approval' from my Husband.

She put me through to the 'Supply' guys (and was probably glad to get rid of me..I don't blame her!), but they couldn't tell me either as their service records department (or similar) closed at 4pm. He asked me to ring back tomorrow after 8am. Just fabulous! I have to go through the whole thing again with about 6 different people? No..he very kindly gave me their direct number!

Now, if I could have that hour back I spent on the phone and achieved nothing, I would be very happy...I might have a few less grey hairs to contend with too!

Hopefully, next week will bring some rewards. I just want my house demolished so we can build our dream home.

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