Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moved Out...mostly!

Well...we are (mostly) out of our house, and in our temporary accommodation. We moved most of our stuff last Sunday, although we still have some larger pieces of furniture to move into our storage place (we ran out of time!). Everyone is starting to settle in nicely, including the poor cat who has remained in the WIR for most of the time! She hasn't eaten much, but she at least comes out to 'use the tray' ;)

We have had the phone cut off (but the line has not been disconnected from the house as they were supposed to yesterday). We have also had our Optus internet connection cut...but there are still cables attached to the house. No word on the gas and electricity as yet.

We also received our demo permit about a week ago, as well as building insurance. I still have to send off the Asset Protection to the Council and chase up a few loose ends. Once I have cleared out the house I'll post some pics. It's amazing just how big it looks without furniture in it (and how much it echos!!)

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