Saturday, September 13, 2008

We wait, and we wait and we wait some more...

We have been in our 'temp accom' for 2 weeks, and still no sign of the gas or power being cut off. The phone has been disconnected, and the Optus cable has been removed from the house, but we still wait...and wait...and wait!

Aus Post has completely stuffed up our mail redirection, and it is still being delivered to our soon to be demolished house. I'm still waiting on a return phone call from their customer service with an explanation... I will also be informing them of the two weeks credit I would like in return for them botching up the job. Why should I have to pay for a service which doesn't deliver (pun intended!).

The house looks quite sad now it's all empty, and really doesn't feel like our home anymore. The cat has settled in a bit better, and spends more time out of the WIR than in, but still gets spooked easily when she wonders around outside.

After 2 weeks, I'm over the whole thing already. Can someone please make my Wilshire magically appear without all the added stress?

Stay tuned for some empty house pics soon!

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