Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Have Some Progress!

Since I last reported in, we have had some major progress with the Electricity and the Gas (finally!).

I visited the house on Tuesday around lunchtime and was greeted with a cut, dangly wire from the gable of the roof! Yay!!

The meter was also removed from beside the front door.

(excuse the's not a door I open often!!)

Have you ever wanted to now what the insides of the mains power to the house looks like? :)

The gas meter was still there, so after I collected the mail (Grrrr!), I rang the gas company again. They still really couldn't tell me anything, so I will have to ring again tomorrow and put the pressure on them...especially after ringing the Demolishes and organising them to begin next Tuesday!! Yay! They can begin with asbestos removal (the old sheeting in the eaves), and possibly remove the sheds and some trees even if the gas is still there.

Wednesday I spent the morning, again, on the phone and the gas company will fast track the abolishment and hopefully it will be done by the end of this week. I told them the demolishes were coming in next week regardless. The lady I spoke to was lovely and very patient!

I also rang our house and contents insurance people to cancel the policy. Absolutely no dramas there, and I was only on hold for about 30 seconds! A refund cheque should arrive in the next few days.

Our Admin from Henley was also in touch on Wednesday, to see what stage we are at with the demolition. I also inquired about our 5 Star Rating. All that needs to be changed (at no cost to us) is the covers for the ensuite fan and the ensuite WC fan. Shame really, now I'll have to spend $$$ on a PCV (Post Contract Variation) with increased R value batts to the ceiling and the external walls. Oh well! ;)

I made a return visit to the house on Wednesday afternoon and there was a man in a truck parked out the front of the house. as it turns out, he was there to abolish the gas! He found and marked off the location of the pipes from the street, and, unfortunately, they are under our crossover, so he had to come back on Thursday morning to do it.

I cleaned up a few more things in the house, and received a call on my phone from Australia Post. The Lady I spoke to was most apologetic that the redirection had failed. She had heard from the Distribution Centre that our 'book of stickers' hadn't arrived...or was missing, so the new address couldn't be stuck on...hence no redirection. Because she was so nice, I couldn't bear to ask her for the $3 odd credit for the 2 weeks I had been inconvenienced! I should expect to have it all under control by Friday.

So, today being Thursday, the earliest I could get to the house was after 10:30. At that stage, a hole had been dug to remove the meter at the side of the house, and there was a nice patch of asphalt on the crossover where it was disconnected from the street! Excellent!

No idea what this is!

I still received letters today at the old place, including the $1955 Asset Protection Permit I have been expecting from the Council. Hopefully, with no damage done to the footpaths, kerbs , nature strip or council trees during demo and construction, I will receive $1800 back.

So to end this post, I'll leave with some rather sad looking pics of what was once our home.

The front door (I have a photo somewhere of my husband carrying me through it on our return from our Honeymoon!):

The Master Bedroom:

The one and only tiny bathroom - renovated 8 years ago:

The Laundry (this along with the kitchen are the only 2 rooms we hadn't touched in the 12 years):

The Study (converted from the crap sunroom, which was the original back porch):

...not sentimental at all, am I?

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