Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not much to tell...yet.

The start of the demo has been and gone, and from looking at the outside, all that has been done is a few low branches from the trees out the front have been cut for better access. They may have stripped a few things from the inside, but I'm not about to go and check! So, for the third day of demo tomorrow...hopefully we'll see something a little more obvious.

I rang the 'Postal Company' yesterday and complained, yet again, that redirection has failed. I also mentioned the 'compensation' word. They rang back today after talking to the distribution centre, and indeed it looks as though someone has stuffed up as our 'book of stickers' has gone missing. She assured me that they have new ones and I should be receiving redirected mail tomorrow. "That's what I was told last Wednesday..."

Anyway, She extended the redirection period for the three weeks It failed, and I told her that I wasn't entirely happy with that decision, as I most likely wouldn't need it in 12 months time. I needed it done when I applied for it initially, and I wasn't prepared to pay for a service that wasn't happening out of no fault of my own. She agreed with me, and will send through a money order for $5. I know it's not much, but it's the whole principle of the matter!!!

There are no interesting demo pics yet, so I'll reflect on some empty spaces again!

The empty storage space (some months ago!):

Another view of the Master Bedroom (yes, all our clothes managed to squeeze into that wardrobe. I won't know myself with a walk-in!):

Bedroom Three:

Bedroom Two:


I am not going to miss this horrid floor! We were going to get rid of it and sand the floors at one stage, but the kitchen had been built on top of it...and another layer of Masonite and lino tiles, making it about a 2cm drop to the floorboards underneath. Way too hard to think about putting quad around the whole of the kitchen including the kickers and oven, so we left it! And don't you just lurve those brown motley splash back tiles!!

...and now to a very full space!!

It's hard to believe it fitted all in...including the cubby house! That was the biggest jigsaw puzzle I have ever done ;) ;)

We took a trip out to the Point Cook Display Centre on Sunday,as that is where the last remaining Wilshire Mk 3 is...and so happens to be the correct orientation for our block. This is the third time we have been there, but the first time since we have signed. It was wonderful to see it again, and I took many pics which I'll put up in the next few days. Walking through it, it was still hard to believe it's going to be reality!

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