Monday, December 8, 2008

Almost there with a site start date.

I ventured off to Henley head office this morning and arrived just before 9am hoping to catch a CSA before any appointments they may have had (printer ink issues were resolved at 7am with a trip to Office Works! See comments, previous post.). My usual Admin is on holidays until Feb, so our file has been attended to by several other people on her behalf.

I asked to see one of the Admins who was looking after her files to give them some final drawing corrections. As it turns out, I was in luck! Not only was she free, but she had also just received a 'Clarification Document' on a few discrepancies they had picked up with the plans. I sat down and went through everything, and chatted for about 30 minutes, clearing up a few drafting issues and learning about others we hadn't noticed (more so with things written on the site plan that shouldn't be there, 2 downpipes too close together, colour documents not corrected from some changes we had made, and other things we would never have picked up on!).

The meeting at such short notice proved to be very beneficial for me, and the staff, instead of relying on phone calls and email tennis! I very much appreciated the time which was spent with me this morning. One thing which she was quite surprised about was the date on the PCV2. It had been completed on 27th October, and really should have been sent to us straight away, as it looks as though we have 'sat' on it for over a month delaying things ourselves, but we both knew and agreed that wasn't the case as it took until 5th December for me to see it.

She let me know that all of our materials have been ordered, and we have been assigned a Construction Manager, and we will FINALLY have notification of a site start date this Thursday. Being so close to Christmas it is highly unlikely we will get the much wanted slab, but we should at least have the scrape and possibly pipes done. It all depends on the Tradies.

I let her know that I was very keen to drop past again this afternoon to pick up the completed drawings, and she agreed it would be a good idea, but would ring me to let me know how they were going. In the end, I did receive a phone call that they would be ready for pick up Tuesday (tomorrow) afternoon. I will check the drawings there and then, and either take them or leave them behind depending on if they need amending.

All in all, a positive outcome after a very stressful weekend, although I am still disappointed at the delay. Can I mention the 'house down the road' has roof trusses and a bricked garage? I wonder if they'll have windows and a roof for Christmas...


House-To-Be said...

Great outcome and a productive day. Well done!

Not long now till you see some action. Don't worry about the house down the road. Imagine how quick yours will go up come the New Year :-)

Hope the plans are correct for you tomorrow when you go to pick them up.

stormygirl said...

Thanks H2B :-)

I feel much better today, so I probably should get some much needed sleep while I'm not stressing ;)

Bring on Thursday!

House-To-Be said...

Yes and dream about that beautiful house you posted on H1 :-)