Monday, December 22, 2008

Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

The deed is done! All documents have been signed, the envelope sealed and delivered by hand to Henley's Head Office. I just hope they don't get lost, as the CSA looking after our file now is on holidays.

This will most likely be my last post before Christmas and the New Year, as I take a well earned break, and absolutely nothing is going to happen on the block until at least 19th January. It will probably be a long month...waiting...but hopefully, a relaxing one!

I'll bid you all farewell with some of my new Christmas decorations I splurged on from one of my favourite shops- "Bed Bath & Table"! Should look lovely in the new place, and with any luck I'll have them out next year.

My 'noel' letters and large glass jar came from my other favourite shop "Provincial Home Living." The letters will have beautiful embossed paper stuck to the front of them, but that might become a new years project! ;-)

Joyeux Noël!


Houman Tarash said...

Wish you the best for the New Year, and wish you the very best when the construction starts, enjoy your break as you need all your energy for next year.
We still have people coming in and out to fix things!!!!!!

stormygirl said...

Thankyou Houman!

I hope things run smoothly for you from now on and things get fixed for you promptly. It must be such a relief to have your keys now, after all the heartache and waiting you have endured.

Best wishes for the new year, and your new home!

TWB said...


House-To-Be said...

Well that's great news to have the plans signed off and back to H. I hope that they get a move on now!

It's going to be a great 2009 for you all.

I love your purchases. Your new home is going to look gorgeous, you obviously have a knack for decorating :-)

Happy New Year!

stormygirl said...

Thanks H2B!

I'm not sure if we are going to have a 'great' year, as such...more stressfull and frustrating I expect, but hopefully we'll be in our lovely home by Christmas.

I love my purchases too :-) I hope it will look gorgeous, infact I'm sure it will, but it will take a few years to get it exactly how I would like it!

Thanks for the links you put in a comment a while ago, A-M's blog is becomming one of my faves!

Happy New Year in your new home!