Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year to all!

I am currently spending some time roaming around the Mornington Peninsula and relaxing after the stresses of the past few months. I'm having a wonderful time exploring all the beautiful shops dotted around the Peninsula too! I haven't made any purchases yet, but have many lovely ideas! I'm still looking for the perfect dining table and chairs, hall table, mirror and odds and ends, including a fake potted flowering orchid (I refuse to pay $200 for one in Freedom!) The beautiful Toorak couches are currently on sale at Freedom (save over $700 for two 3 seaters), and we face the dilemma of where to store 2 rather large pieces of furniture for about 8 months! There is absolutely no room in the Unit we are in, nor in the garage. Our storage place is full to the brim, and don't fancy taking out another for two couches! Oh, the decisions!!

Anyway, it's yet another rather cool day here, so it's off to Sorrento to hit the shops. Hehe ;-)


Mrs B said...

Hi Stormy

I know its very hard to resist temptation, but hold off buying couches and other big items until you only have a few months to go before you move in. How exciting for you...building a beautiful new home and planning how you are going to furnish it. What style/colours did you have in mind?

stormygirl said...

Hi Mrs B,

My plans for decorating are a little bit 'Hamptons', mixed with some 'English Country', but about 80% 'French Provincial'. Unfortunately, all 100% expensive!! ;-)

We have been offered a place to store the couches, but just have to find out about delivery charges and the logistics of getting them to the place! If it costs more than what we will save then there is no point. The trouble is I have my heart set on these particular couches, and have been looking (and sitting) on similar and they do not compare for value for money or comfort...which is kinda important! I would be mortified if I missed out on them all together because they may not make them in 8 months time! Tricky...

Colours are typical French Provincial: white and taupe, but with touches of mocha. I pretty much have the entrance hall and lounge room all worked out!