Sunday, January 4, 2009

For Mrs B!!

Hi Mrs B, I just thought I'd post the pics of my 'artwork' for you while I dropped home quickly, otherwise I would forget!

This is the canvas I made for my Sister-in-law for Christmas. It's a painted background with cut out paper for the branches, leaves and bird, all stuck on with acid free glue (no yellowing over time!). The colour representation is not 100% accurate, as I finished it Christmas Eve, and rushed to take the pics, but you get the general idea!

Here is another one I made for her Daughter (my Niece) for her Birthday last year. This one took far longer to produce than the birds, as there was so much careful cutting out of the layers of paper, then sticking them together to form individual butterflies, then adding on the feelers and sticking the whole butterflies to the painted canvas.

I have always loved being creative with my hands and doing 'crafty' paper things, embroidery, or photography. I can't draw to save myself, so I try and be creative in other ways!

I also have a few pics of some of my Christmas pressies. I have been collecting perfume bottles as I see them on sale, and was lucky enough to receive another for Christmas to add to my collection!

And a beautiful ceramic glazed urn I have been eyeing off for quite some time! It's a beautiful creamy beige colour, and will look lovely (I hope) on a hall/console table in the entrance hall under a mirror and with various other 'bits'!! Just in case anyone might be interested, it's from Bed Bath N' Table.

I also received a gorgeous wire heart which holds photos or momentos. I have been wanting one of these for a couple of years, and I even bought some vintage style Paris postcards to go in it when I bought it. My Sister-in-law couldn't believe I knew what it was before I opened the wrapping!!No photos of it yet, unfortunately.


-Sha said...

Fantastic Artwork!! Love he bird one :)

Mrs B said...

OMG! What a lovely surprise to see a post in your blog for me! My heart started racing when I saw your beautiful pictures because I love bird and tree themed art work. Have you thought about selling your work on Etsy? I could easily start a bird collection of both pictures and ornaments of little hand made bird figures.
All your presents are just so gorgeous...the crystal perfume bottles I could imagine sitting together on a vanity in your new home.
Although I am building a modern home, I love your style and taste. Am I allowed to say once more that I also cannot wait till you start building LOL to see all your selections and the way you are going to decorate your home. Your blog is going to be so much fun to read...btw, just wanted to know if that beautiful childrens shop is still on the corner in Mailing st (in another post you said some of the shops had closed down) I might go for a visit in the next few days!

stormygirl said...

Thankyou Sha! :-)

Thankyou Mrs B for your kind comments! I have thought about selling, but at the moment finding time to do anything creative is a bit of a problem! My passion lies in photography, and I haven't updated my photographic web site since August. I do sell some of my photos as cards on the Mornington Peninsula, but that's it at the moment. I'm sure once we are all settled in our new home I'll think of doing something...just not sure yet! This year will be flat out updating the blog and overseeing the building process.

There used to be a gorgeous children's furniture shop in Mailing Road, but it was only there for a relatively short time and has since gone. 'Cantebury Kids' is still there for clothes and accessories, and also the beautiful toy shop with the mezzanine level for clothes up the back is still there (the name escapes me at the moment!). Might be others as the last time I went it was a flying visit and I didn't do the whole strip!

One shopping strip I must do in it's entirety is High Street Armadale! Last time I drove through I spotted a French Provincial Antique shop...could prove very dangerous indeed!! ;-)

Louise said...

I LOVE my red birdie canvas and your photos don't do it justice - that red is sensational!! Just need to find it a home. Thanks Jane, Chloe and I feel very special to have your lovely artwork. I also spent my voucher on a divine new little Bodum Coffee pot for 1 in stainless steel. I have been lusting after one of these for ages so thanks Jane!!!

stormygirl said...

Thanks Lou,

I'm so glad you love the canvas, and found something else you really wanted with the voucher!

I had such a wonderful time making it, and I'm considering doing one for "Miss J" for her new bedroom. I'll just have to come up with something similar for "Master B's" new room as well!

Next project is stick the lovely paper to my 'Noel' letters so it's ready for next Christmas!

House-To-Be said...
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House-To-Be said...

Wow Stormy the bird on canvas is really lovely. You should be selling your creations I think you'd do very well.

How lovely with the items you received for Christmas. Sounds like you did well :-) Hope you restrict your blog once you move in and post your decorating photos, I can't wait to see it all together.

Oh and I bought a flowering orchid last Saturday (went to check out the new Plenty Valley Westfields for the first time) it certainly wasn't $200 (although it was on a 75% off table) It's in our powder room with the tag on until I decide whether or not to keep it. Everyone likes it so far. Master 4yo went in, came out and told me it was

Looking forward to seeing Noel have a make over :-)

stormygirl said...

Thanks H2B,

I might consider selling one day, or maybe convincing the shop that already sells my photographic cards to stock some other stuff. It won't be happening this year, though!

Yes, the blog will most likely be restricted after handover, as you have done with yours, but I'll see what happens! I couldn't bear to delete it as I'm having so much fun with it! I've added a heap other inspirational housey blogs to my list that I keep finding from other people's blog lists. There are so many inspirational images out there! Now I actually wish I had made the double doors leading from the hallway into the kitchen/meals/family french doors instead of solid doors...but this can be changed at a later stage if I really feel the need!

Your potted orchid sounds like a bargin! I do know of a few wholesale flower places around the traps I'll have to try once the kids are at school. If you decide not to keep it, let me know and email me a pic ;-) !!

'Noel' is waiting for another night...I'm stuck on the blogs now!

Andrea said...

Hi I have just discoverd your blog through home one and I am loving it. I am about to renovate and extend our home and I am always after inspiration.
I sew a lot (see my blog) and just love the paper craft canvases you did, I wouldl like to know where you get the templates for your designs? I would mind having a go with some fabrics.

stormygirl said...

Hi Andrea,

Thankyou for your kind comments! I've had a look through your blog, and you have made some beautiful clothing and handbags! Well done! I sew a little, but find I don't get much time at the moment and all my sewing gear is currently in storage!

The templates for the canvases were pictures I found, printed and refined. The branches were drawn completely free hand so it was my own design. I knew the colours I wanted to use (to match decor) and it was just a matter of mixing the right paint colour and finding the right paper in the desired colours. Let your imagination run wild! ;-)

Best wishes for your renovation!