Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some interesting dates...

Tomorrow marks the day our assigned Site Supervisor (SS) returns to work from holidays. I wasn't going to call him, but as it turns out, I will have to, to sort out the temp fence issue we shouldn't have to pay extra for, since we should have had a slab by now.

Next Monday week (26th January) marks 100 days since our demolition was completed, and yet we still have no site start date. Yes, you read correctly, that is 100 days since demo was COMPLETED.

We have also worked out, that just on the off chance that 'Day 1' of contract happens to fall on 17th Feb (please cross all your fingers and toes that we are well underway by then...), official end of contract day (310 days later) will be Christmas Eve. Something to ponder...

Looks like it will be very close to Christmas before we can move in anyway, especially since we have to wait for the driveway and flooring to go in after handover. Mmmm....Perhaps I wasn't far off when I suggested Easter 2010.

Things would have been so much better had it started on time, 4 -6 weeks after demo, NOT nearly 15.

Oh, and some of our mail is STILL being delivered to the empty block, which should have been redirected!

On a much more positive note, now I have had my little whinge, I have finished my 'Noel' letters! They are quite big, but in a big room with high ceilings they should look fine. I do have closer photos of the individual paper on each letter, but I'll post those probably tomorrow.


House-To-Be said...

hmmm, 100 days post demo, not good enough really. I am crossing everything for you that you have a start well and truly before 17th Feb. Your SS needs to pull his finger out - big time.

Your "Noel" looks just lovely. With all the things you are stocking up on your house is going to look beautiful. Can't wait to see all of this in your new rooms :-)

Hope the call with your SS goes smoothly.

Mrs B said...

Very frustrating for you, keep on your builder's back to get a starting date. All this frustration will be a distant memory once you move into your beautiful new home. I love seeing all your beautiful craft projects!

Mrs B

Louise said...

You are slowly turning into a house/craft blog!! I would be on the blower immediately and get them cracking!! Love the Noel - very glam!! I hope to see it in your new home THIS year!!!!

stormygirl said...


Yes, 100 days post demo is not good enough at all! Can't help Christmas, but it's the other 'stuff-up' that has blown the whole thing waaaaay out. I'm pleased with my 'NOEL' effort, just have to pack it and store it carefully!

Mrs B,

I'm keeping on their back starting today. We should find out this week when site start will actually be, hopefully in the following week. If I haven't found out by 4pm Friday, I'll be ringing - demanding. So over this waiting thing...


It's nice to 'interupt' all the stress and whinging with some lovely things! I'm also hoping to see all my Christmas things in this year, but it all depends when the carpet people can lay, and the concreters can do the driveway. I'd prefer not to move anything in without either. It will be close, time will tell.

I have seen some beautiful ideas with garlands (the long variety, not round ones) strung and intertwined through the baniters. It looks sensational, and can't wait to 'have a go' myself...THIS YEAR!!

A-M said...

This might make you feel a little better. We purchased our land in June, 2005 and the block wasn't cut until May this year. Hang in there and don't be afraid to whinge.. it's very therapeutic..especially when you get lots of "there, there"'s from your bloggy friends. I'm all for a good whinge let me tell you! Good luck with your supervisor, he HAS to be better than mine so that's another good thing you can tick off your list... NO-ONE COULD BE AS AWFUL AS MINE! A-M xx