Thursday, January 15, 2009

Temporary Fence Dilemma.

I had a call from the temp fence company who supplied the fence for demo, wanting to know if I needed to extend the time I needed the fence for. Mmmm, well..yes,maybe, but I don't think I should be paying for it...

As Henley 'should' have started by now, and we 'should' have had a slab by now we should not have had to deal with this issue. I had a feeling it may crop up. I was soooo tempted to say 'yes, and send the bill to Henley', but I refrained. ;-)

I asked the CSA a while ago about the temp fence used for demo, and she said that they will supply their own once the slab was laid (and which we have paid for and is accounted for in our contract). Great. That 'should' have brought us up to just before Christmas, and before the 3 months of temp fencing I've paid for expires.

Anyway, as I'm still on holidays, I'll sort it all out on Monday when I get back and have all of the paperwork infront of me. I'm sure there will be a simple solution!


A-M said...

Thank you for your lovely, lovely comments over at my place. How exciting that you are starting a build. Try to stay upbeat and if you need an ear, pop over to my place. I will soooo understand what you will be going through. I don't publish nearly half the problems that we are having (I am very conscious of sounding like a totally negative whinger).. so don't ever feel that it's only you who's having problems when you encounter them... I will help you with anything I can. I will have to pour myself a wine and read back over your blog to get up to speed on where you're at! Lovely to meet you. I'll keep in touch! A-M xx

stormygirl said...

Hi A-M, lovely to 'meet' you too!

Thankyou for your kind comments too! I try not to be too negative (hence the more 'inspirational' posts lately), but I'm finding this a great place to vent, and also keep a running diary of 'things', particually in relation to dates.

I seem to spend most evenings with a glass of wine blogging. There are just so many inspirational and gorgeous homes, not to mention images.

I'll be sure to pop on over to your place again, your home-to-be is divine! Best wishes to you.

Contributing Author said...

You know if that temporary construction fence has to be there by law to prevent an accident, it's very likely it can be charged to your contractor. It may be a whole lot more trouble than it's worth, though, since most contractors are notoriously shady and specifically about extra stuff like that.