Saturday, January 31, 2009

Completed Artwork.

Nothing at all has happened on the block this week. I actually don't blame them, as we have recorded three days over 43C in a row, yesterday being 45.1C (113.18F) and Melbourne's second hottest day on record. It has been positively foul, and many people have also had to endure power cuts due to 'load shedding'. Thankfully, we only suffered a small, roughly 2 hour, interruption to our power supply, and we were not home at the time. All the trees I had wanted to keep on the block are now suffering severe sunburn, as well as lack of rain (no recorded rain for January at all). It looks as though they may not survive. So, goodbye beautiful weeping cherry, a selection of about 4 camellias and four birch trees. Even the agapanthas around the place are wilting and sunburnt. So much for Victoria being known as the 'Garden State', more like the 'Sunburnt State'.

As there is nothing to report on the house building project, I thought I'd share with you my latest finished artwork for my Nephew's 3rd Birthday. I had seen this idea in a shop, and decided I could easily have a crack at it myself! I even drew the train by hand...with a little help from a ruler!!

I have another bird canvas lined up to do, plus the ones I have planned for my Daughter. With my 'baby' heading off to school on Monday for the first time, I shall have a lot more free time to a) oversee the building process, and b) spend more time doing the things I love doing which, of course, involves shopping! ;)


A-M said...

Oh aren't you clever! It's great. I don't have the patience to do fine motor projects. You'd be surprised with some of your plants.. they might come to life again with a good soaking. A-M xx

House-To-Be said...

Your creation looks great Stormy, I'm sure Angus will love it!

All the best for the start of school tomorrow for your children. Hope they have a great day and that you enjoy some time to yourself :-)