Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"No News is Good News..." In this case: I think NOT!

It's now been 6 1/2 weeks since Demo was completed, and still no sign of ANYTHING. I am highly frustrated, and beginning to get rather annoyed at the lack of progress and lack of communication. Our Admin has disappeared on annual leave again (although she has every right to!), but when I rang Henley on Monday, I had to speak to someone else, and she said she would get back to me that afternoon...I still haven't heard anything.

Just what are they waiting for? All the permits are approved, finance has all been taken care of, so what else is left?

We still haven't seen our construction drawings and the pricing for the second PCV. What if the drawings are incorrect (which is quite possible), and they have to be redone? Grrrrrr...

...come on, Henley, lift your game! So far, we have had a very positive experience, don't spoil it now...

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