Saturday, December 20, 2008

Final drawings complete.

We finally had the chance to sit down on Thursday evening and go through the drawings again. Would you believe I picked up another 2 mistakes? One was the position of the entrance hall light which we had changed on our original electrical plan. On the standard electrical plan given to us for this house, it wasn't drawn in the middle of the entrance hall, but towards the front door a little. The entrance ceiling is surrounded by a bulkhead, and to have this light off centre looked rather silly (it also wasn't in line with 2 wall lights I added in the entrance), so we changed it, but they had never drawn it in correctly (we had missed it on our other drawings, as we were so stunned at their complete botch-up of our family room wiring!). So this was noted, also the position of one of the power points in the ensuite. It didn't match the other one on the opposite wall of the double vanity, so we wanted that rectified as well.

The earliest I could get to Head Office on Friday was after 10am, and spoke to the CSA who has taken over our file. She was quite happy to have the drawings amended, and couldn't promise they would be ready that afternoon, but would try. By midday, I had received a phone call to say they were waiting for me in Reception...amazing!!

So, another few hours will be spent tomorrow going through them and maybe, just maybe, we might actually be able to sign them!

Friday we also heard from our assigned SS. He gets back from Holidays on the 19th January...which of course means more delays. I'm beginning to think this house will never get started. I can just imagine the drought breaking, we have rainfall in biblical proportions, and handover isn't until Easter 2010...

Did I mention the 'house down the road' has a fully tiled roof, guttering AND windows...maybe I should just stop looking, it's not going to change anything.

I'll probably fit in one more post before Christmas, then have a much needed break and holiday. I'll try and de-stress myself after the last couple of weeks, only to prepare myself for round 2 when the build actually starts!

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