Friday, December 12, 2008

No start prior to Christmas.

After my fairly positive meeting on Monday morning with Henley, and the news that I would be finding out this Thursday when site start would be, I have now totally lost all faith and patience. I hadn't heard anything from them for the past 2 days, and I was sick of running around after them. Now, Thursday has been and gone, and still I haven't heard anything.

I decided to take a trip there unexpectedly this afternoon, and spoke to a CSA (one of them) who has been looking after my file. Our drawings have been going backwards and forwards...I think she said 6 times. At least she assures me the dining windows are now drawn in correctly, but there was a bulkhead that was on one plan, but not the latest. Why there is a bulkhead missing is beyond me. She was trying to push the drawings through for 5pm this afternoon.

I let her know that during Mondays meeting, I would find out on Thursday a date for site start, but today is Friday. She still couldn't give me a start date, and then said once the drawings are finalised, there is still a week to wait until it goes to site. Great...NOT.

So, I then assumed to her we would not get a site start until after Christmas. Correct, was the reply.

It was then, I lost it completely.

When we signed almost 6 months ago, we were pretty much assured a slab, frame and roof at least before Christmas. Our block of land has been sitting completely empty for 8 weeks...that's 2 months...when they could have been finalising all our drawings. Especially when we rushed through our PCV2 so all our changes could be added into the 'free' one with the 2nd soil test and survey. This PCV2 is dated 27th October...what the hell have they been doing all this time? Why wait until now to do the final drawings?

I am not happy at all, sick of not being notified what the hell is going on , and I have no patience left whatsoever.

Merry Bloody Christmas...

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kexkez said...

How disappointing. :(

Fingers crossed when they do start after Christmas they get stuck straight in and the house takes shape quickly.