Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Inspirational Photos.

After all the heartaches and disappointments of the past few weeks, I thought I'd post some gorgeous photos of the 'feel' I would like to create with our new home. Naturally, It won't be the same, as this is a period home, but I just love the decor and the beautiful 'homely' and warm feel it has. Also note the clock they have on the wall outside, and the chandeliers! ;-) I have always wanted to do white panelling down the hallway from the entrance, and into the lounge and dining room. Might still be possible in about 10 years time when we can afford it!

All images courtesy here

Stunningly beautiful!

Did you spot the cat??


House-To-Be said...

Cat is sleeping on the couch in the family room :-)

I sent my sister that house link last week when you posted it on H1, we've looked at it a million times.....that house is beautiful.

I think you might like looking at this blog that we (sister and I) have been watching for months. My sister loves American Homes. I know you are more French Prov. but you might like it.

I love looking at the houses on this website.

Louise said...

Wow it really is gorgeous!! Bit too big for my liking but lovely none the less. I like the outdoor area.

House-To-Be said...

Is that a Disco Ball next to the Home Theatre Projector?

stormygirl said...

I do believe it might be, H2B!

Thanks for those links, been a bit pre-Christmas mad around here so I haven't really had the chance to sit down and 'surf'!

Hi Lou, is it a little bit too big for me too (oh, hang on, I'm building a 40 square house...!). I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed entrance, it will look stunning, I'm sure!

stormygirl said...

Thanks for the link to 'A-M's' blog, H2B. I've added it into my blog list...just adorable!

I could continue to surf around looking for inspiration everywhere...but must do the Christmas things!